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Alpha Kappa Alpha Hosts “AKA Week”

The sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority held their annual “AKA Week” this past week from April 15-19. “AKA Week” consists of an event each day of the week for students to come out and support their chapter, as well as raise awareness to their sorority and the charities they support.

The week kicked off with “AKArobics” this past Monday, April 15 in the basement of Spruce Hall. Graduate Advisor Kelly A. Gayle, liaison of the graduate chapter of AKA, was ecstatic to begin their fun filled week of chapter events and awareness.

Gayle states, “I’m so excited to see the chapter utilizing “AKA Week” to highlight the nationals’ initiatives. This helps educate Monmouth University about the chapter’s community service and all the work that we do. Not only that, but it is a unique and fun way for both males and females to come together, listen to some good music, and get their work out on.”

Jessica J. Curbelo, President of the Tau Eta Chapter of AKA was also anxious for this week to commence. Curbelo states, “The program was run by the chapter but the instructor was a fellow chapter member, Aiyana J. Jones. She is a great dancer as well as choreographer. Whenever we have a performance, she’s always our choreographer creating and designing our routines. The purpose was to make the Monmouth community aware of their health, all while teaching them fun ways to stay fit and active. The turnout was great. We were really excited and happy with the number of folks that came out.”

Curbelo continues to describe “AKA Week” as a whole and how it takes place every academic year. Curbelo explains how usually they run a Zumba edition, but this year it was decided to try something new. She says, “AKA wants to make sure we are not only satisfying the needs of the sorority, but we want to make the campus aware of our presence and our organization’s goals and beliefs. What better way of doing so than doing what most students love to do? Work out.”

Kaila Lane, freshman, was thoroughly enjoying her late night work out with AKA. Lane states, “This allowed me to meet the sisters more personally, and vice versa.  It was so much fun to meet new people, both my age and older, dance, and enjoy some good music. I hope to come out for AKA this fall of 2013.”

Fellow freshman participant Ayanna Evans agreed. This event was the start of their decision to join the sorority as soon as possible.

Following Monday’s event, “AKA Week’s” schedule was as follows: Tuesday, April 16: Pillow Talk in Mullaney Lounge at 9:00 pm. Wednesday, April 17: Distracted Driving Seminar in Bey Hall Room 133 at 2:38pm, Thursday, April 18: Relay for Life, and Friday, April 19: Pearls of Wisdom in RSSC 202A at 1:08pm.

“AKA Week” was stacked with entertaining activities, informational sessions, charity events, and female bonding. If you missed out on this year, “AKA Week” takes place again in 2014.

PHOTO COURTESY of Erin Bukowski