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Splishin’ and Splashin’ at the Bi-Annual Beach Bash

The Outdoors Club Hosted its Beach Party at Brighton Avenue

Over 30 students attended the Outdoors Club bi-annual Beach Bash Party this past weekend on Saturday, Sept. 28 from 12 – 6 pm on Brighton Avenue.

Tyler Vandegrift, junior political science major and an active member of Outdoors Club, said, “The event was great. It’s a good time, and the weather is perfect!”

Along with the 75 degree weather, there was food and an array of different beach activities that members and students could partake in. Games included corn hole, ladder ball, Frisbee, and football. Students also took full advantage of the ocean.

David Aviles-Sarargo, senior software engineering major, said, “Charging out the kayaks with the new members and freshman of the club was my favorite part of the event. It really gave them the Outdoors Club experience first-hand.”

Sarargo attended the event “to get away from Monmouth and enjoy the beautiful beach and awesome people.”

In addition to kayaking and swimming, Peter Chace, marine biology and chemistry major, went scuba diving. This E-board member has been scuba diving for five years now. “I started here in Jersey in the Manasquan River,” said Chase.

Chase would like to see the Outdoors Club incorporate scuba diving into programs and events; however he understands that it is an expensive sport that requires special certification.

While playing in the ocean seemed to be the main attraction at the beach bash, it was not the only activity that sparked interest. Outdoors Club members also laid a 20-foot slack line on the beach.

A slack line is a nylon webbing that is held up by two anchor points at each end of the line, and students were asked to balance themselves and walk across this tight-rope like structure.

Brittani Hrehorovich, sophomore psychology major, said, “The slack line is very hard, yet very fun at the same time.”

The activity may seem easy to those who have never participated, but to new students like Hrehorovich, it seemed to be one of the most challenging sports around.

Vandegrift is more experienced with the slack line. He said, “I have been slacking for about a year and a half now. I am not even close to mastering it, but it’s enough to impress people.”

The Outdoors Club hosts its beach bash parties in order to raise awareness of the club. E-board members want to expose students at the University to all of the activities and new opportunities that come along with being a member of the club.

Nicole Rubino, junior E-Board member, said, “This party compared to the spring 2013 party is better by far.” Rubino thinks that the outcome has improved due to the change in location from Pier Village to Brighton Avenue, which is closer to students living on campus in dormitory buildings.

“This [change in location] allows us to have more freedom to do activities without bothering other beach goers. We keep getting more new members [at] each party, which is awesome,” added Rubino. “The beach bash parties seem to increase in popularity among students looking to join the club.”

President of the Outdoors Club Mike Kulik said, “With more funding from Monmouth University, we were able to purchase more games and food, which in turn means a more successful beach bash.”

According to executive members of the Outdoors Club, the fall beach bash “was a huge success. New members came out and experienced how the club offers students the chance to experience nature in a fun and friendly environment.”

“The club is a great way to meet new friends and get away from the day-to-day schoolwork,” said Rubino.

All students at the University can join. Students are invited to the Outdoors Club weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm in Bey Hall to learn more about upcoming events.

PHOTO COURTESY of Michelle Mullins