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MU Welcomes Tau Delta Phi

The University welcomed Tau Delta Phi as an official fraternity chapter of Greek life on Wednesday, March 5. The fraternity, along with its 26 members, is in the process of completing its colonization process in hopes of becoming a nationally recognized chapter by the fall 2014 semester.

As stated on, “Tau Delta Phi is a way of life. It is deeply concerned with the growth and development of the individual. It is a way of life which seeks to develop personality, promote mutual understanding, and provide a college home.”

Jon Buchalski, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority Life, said the Interfraternity Council (IFC) worked together with a group of interested students, through the expansion process, to help them find a fitting organization at the University. He said, “After much consideration, Tau Delta Phi seemed like the perfect addition.”

According to Brandon Wasylyk, Vice Consul and Social Chair of Tau Delta Phi, the brothers spent the past semester and a half working to be a recognized colony on campus. The brothers, in good academic standing, submitted their roster of the first 15 interested men to Buchalski and awaited approval, which, as stated by Wasylyk, took several weeks.

Once approved, the information on Tau Delta Phi was passed along to Mary Nagy, Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement. Nagy said, “I think it is great when we can add a chapter that understands the expectations we have set for a good, strong Greek community… [Tau Delta Phi] is a good group of young men who want to contribute positively to the greek community and campus and we welcome them here.”

Nagy noted there is no promise that a Greek organization can or will be recognized by the University.

Buchalski believes Tau Delta Phi will offer a rich history of fraternity life in this region of the country with many local chapters and nearby colleges and universities.

Joseph Carrara, President of Tau Delta Phi, was encouraged to become a member of this organization because of the fraternity’s Enlightened Gentleman’s Program (EGP). As stated on, EGP is a developmental membership program to create a continual learning that emphasizes the personal development of Tau Delta Phi’s members. 

Cararra said, “This program is put in place for all members to learn what it means to be a gentleman and improve themselves personally and academically for all four years of college.”

Wasylyk was also drawn to Tau Delta Phi because of EGP. He said, “It encourages continued education within the organization throughout our four years of college as well as in the classroom. In addition to this, is also encourages you to never stop improving yourself.”

As President, Cararra plans to get the fraternity involved in supporting and co-sponsoring events with other student groups. With Active Minds, a national organization that seeks to promote mental health awareness, as its philanthropy, Tau Delta Phi is working towards planning fundraisers to spread awareness.

Jason Caianiello, Vice President of Active Minds and Philanthropy Chair of Tau Delta Phi, believes it is vital to promote Active Minds. “Today, especially on college campuses mental illness is widespread, yet underreported,” he said. “The stigma that surrounds mental health, and getting help for these issues, needs to be eliminated.”

The University chapter is in the process of working with the Active Minds club to run a spring fundraiser and awareness event.

Wasylyk has high aspirations for the chapter and said, “We hope to expand and welcome men from all different walks of life into our organization and expand the Greek community.”

Other events the fraternity will be participating in include the Out of the Darkness walk on Wednesday, April 16 and Relay for Life on Friday, April 25.

Juliann Schwartz, Chapter President of Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) sorority, believes the expansion of Greek Life at the University has given more students the opportunity to get involved and make a difference both on campus and in the local community. She said, “I am very happy for the brothers of Tau Delta Phi and am excited to see what they will bring to the Greek community. Each organization has something different to offer and now TDP has the chance to create their own image of brotherhood that they may have felt was missing at the University.”

Wasylyk said, “I love the group of guys we have gotten together over the past two semesters they have become my second family.”

Caianello said, “Tau Delta Phi provides the opportunity to build lifelong bonds of brotherhood. Through Tau Delta Phi, I not only can become a better leader, but I can excel academically and give back to the community all with the help of my brothers.”

PHOTO COURTESY of Brandon Wasylyk