Internship Fair Gives Students Career Opportunities

Monmouth University welcomed over 30 companies to campus for the Office of Career Services’ annual Internship Fair in Anacon Hall from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m on Wednesday, Oct. 7. 

The Office of Career Services urged students to attend so they could network with large companies such as Target, Nordstrom, Verizon Wireless, and Enterprise Rent A Car. The Internship Fair offers an opportunity to meet actual employees of these companies rather than browsing through their websites. This leaves students with a different impression of the company after they have left the Internship Fair. Students are able to learn the mission and values of a company and the way employers interact with one another. Face-to-face conversations at the fair also gave students a chance to ask questions regarding the company itself or advice for future professionals. 

“We had over 200 students attend which is great. It’s a very engaging smaller event, much smaller than our spring career event. Kids get a chance to learn about what opportunities are out there. They can go on the [company’s] website but here it’s a personalized touch with face-to-face interaction. It’s not just go on the website and apply, here they can get the recruiter’s contact,” said Jeff Mass, the Assistant Director of Career Services.

After the event concluded, students were asked to provide feedback to the Office of Career Services. Students were asked their year in school, major, how they heard about the event, whether it was helpful or not, the number of employers they spoke with, whether or not arrangements for the future were made, and the primary reason the student attended the fair. This feedback is crucial for the Office of Career Services. The department uses the feedback to progress each year, bringing back and gaining the types of companies students want to interact with.

Within the Office of Career Services, Mass and his team assist students in finding internships as well as careers on a personal basis. The Monmouth employees also help students fix their resumes and spruce up their LinkedIn, especially prior to attending job interviews. The idea to begin hosting an Internship Fair began last year in an effort to reach a broader group of students and has only progressed since. Mass offered advice to students, telling them to prepare questions in advance to show employers proactive traits. Mass also urged students to speak with all companies in attendance.

The event had companies from government agencies, not for profit organizations, and for profit organizations. This gave students a chance to talk to companies of all backgrounds to see where his or her values may align the best. 

“I really enjoyed talking to Move for Hunger, which is a not for profit organization in Neptune. Being a part of Greek life at Monmouth has helped me to become very active in the community and I wouldn’t want that to stop just because I’m graduating in the spring. It’s good to know I could potentially form my career around giving back,” said Megan Poeschl, a senior social work major. 

Mass mentioned that many of the internships students attain from attending events hosted by Monmouth University lead to full time positions post graduation. This is due to the fact that companies in attendance are attending the event to to specifically meet Monmouth students. 

“I didn’t realize how great of an opportunity these events are until I left with a ton of business cards in my hand,” said Jessica Stern, a senior sociology major. “I’m definitely going to attend as many other opportunities like this as I can before I graduate so I can network as much as possible.”