Club & Greek

“Jump Around! Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down!”

Over 150 students celebrated the conclusion of “Welcome Week” with the Student Activities Board (SAB) at its annual “Monmouth Palooza” on Saturday, September 7 in the Residential Quad.

“Monmouth Palooza” included Vertical Reality inflatable trampolines and a Foto Fun Strips photo booth provided by Party Perfect Rentals, inflatable furniture that students used to lounge in, beach balls, electro-club dance music remixed by DJ Mike Gloria, and a wide assortment of food provided by Aramark.

Victoria Day, Awareness Chair of SAB and junior public relations major, explained how the event was free and open to everyone. “This event helps bring out a sense of community at the University in a fun and interactive setting,” said Day. “Events like this give students a feeling of warmth and it is extremely inviting, especially to the freshman who feel like they don’t quite belong at first.”

Jacklyn Griffith, freshman social work major, said that she became aware of “Monmouth Palooza” through both the event calendar and SAB’s Facebook page. “Being a freshman is awkward at times because you barely know anyone,” said Griffith, “but this event definitely gave me a chance to socialize and meet new people.”

“Monmouth Palooza” appealed to many undergraduate students that reside in dorm buildings in close proximity to the event. “I am extremely happy that I came and I will definitely be attending more SAB events, especially ones with more inflatable trampolines,” giggled Griffith.

Students seemed to flock towards the Vertical Reality inflatable trampolines, which were a new addition to “Monmouth Palooza.” When SAB began planning this event last semester, Sami Kofsky, Festivals Chair of SAB and senior English and education major, decided that the trampolines would make “Monmouth Palooza” more popular than it had been previously.

Day said, “The trampolines were a huge hit, making this event extremely successful. The turnout of this event far surpassed my expectations and I couldn’t be happier. It was great seeing students laughing and having a good time with others.”

Students needed to sign an insurance waiver prior to getting strapped in the bungee-cord set-up of the trampoline.

Trever Carpenter, sophomore health studies major, kicked off the semester with “Monmouth Palooza”. “I wanted to start the new semester strong, be active, and definitely be present on campus,” said Carpenter, “and ‘Monmouth Palooza’ definitely gave me that opportunity.” Carpenter then commented on how he believes the event improved significantly from the previous year. He said, “There were so many more interesting activities and there were definitely more people that attended. The food options were better this year as well. This was an all-around great time.”

The dining hall closed a few hours earlier than usual to accommodate “Monmouth Palooza.” SAB teamed up with Aramark to provide food to everyone who attended the event. Day said, “This was just one extra incentive to persuade students to come check out what was going on in the Residential Quad.”

Money for events like “Monmouth Palooza” is derived directly from the SAB budget.

The next big event that SAB is sponsoring is Carnivále on Friday, September 13, at 4 pm in the Residential Quad. According to Day, “It is one of our biggest events of the semester.” Students are encouraged to attend and enjoy the live wild animals, circus-like performances, aerialists, balloon artists, face painting, candy carts, and giveaways.

SAB encourages students to become involved and help plan events like “Monmouth Palooza.” There will be a SAB table at the involvement fair on Wednesday, September 18, and the first meeting for general members will be held on Wednesday, September 25, at 2:30 pm on the third floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center in Carol Aflito Conference Room.

Carpenter said, “Coming to ‘Monmouth Palooza’ made me want to become more involved with the organizations that are present at the University. I want to attend an interest meeting for SAB and see if it would be something I would be interested in devoting some time to.”

Photo TAKEN by Brianna McCabe