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Magician Mat Franco and mind reader Eric Dittelman performed in Pollak Theatre in a Vegas style show at 8 pm on Friday, September 6. This free performance was open to students as part of “Welcome Week” hosted by the Student Activities Board (SAB).

Franco and Dittelman are not usually a duo that performs together but the SAB had booked them together at last year’s National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) in Nashville, Tennessee, where they had watched them perform live separately. Both illusionists brought a comical sense to the show by spitting out jokes left and right bringing the crowd to hysterics. They also brought their own side of illusion to the table to shock the crowd.

Franco has been a magician since he was about four years old. He had many magic tricks up his sleeves ranging from various card tricks to pulling a 12-foot handkerchief from his mouth.

Dittelman also started practicing magic at a very young age, but didn’t get into minding reading until his college years. After graduating college and finding a job as a middle school music teacher, he decided to quit and pursue his one true passion in life: mind reading. Dittelman is known for his appearances on “America’s Got Talent.”

SAB worked together in organizing the event by double booking the act from NACA, bringing them to the University and advertising the event around campus and on social media. Lucy Russo, Vice President of Special Events for SAB and senior, ran the event. Anticipating a successful event because of the reputation of the previous year’s event, Russo hoped to have a packed house. Her expectations were filled while guests continued to pour through the doors during the show, most having just left the first quarter of the University’s men’s soccer game.

As expected by SAB members, the Vegas style magic and mind reading show turned out to be a success. Casey Inguagiato, junior and SAB member in charge of marketing and poster design, said, “We had a really great turn out. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a magic and mind reading show at school?”

The Vegas style magic and mind reading show has proven to be a success among students with a good reflection on the proceedings of SAB.

The SAB was somewhat worried that students might not come to the event because of the date it was scheduled on. The SAB’s advisor, Megan McGowan, said, “These types of shows during ‘Welcome Week’ are usually on weekdays, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday night. These types of shows always have a good turn out with the students.” Thankfully the SAB’s expectations were wrong and filled the seats with roughly 80 – 100 students.

Junior psychology major Jessica Ketch attended the event and said, “This event was extremely entertaining! I’m surprised there weren’t more students at the event.” Ketch said that she was sitting on the edge of her seat the entire time in awe. “It was mind blowing,” chuckled Ketch.

Photo Taken by Louis Garbarini