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University’s Enactus Team Represents in NYC

Enactus Competed Against NEC and Ivy League Universities


The University’s Enactus Team failed to place at the 2013 Enactus Competition in New York. Enactus sent three of their members to the Hilton Hotel in New York to compete and represent the University in a five team division that included NEC members Quinnipiac University and Dartmouth University of the Ivy League.

Nicholas Gencorelli commented on the experience saying, “The first time I went with the Monmouth team I was just a spectator, but it felt great to actually get to present in front of all different business professionals.”

The team had to deal with a little adversity that morning of the competition. President of the Enactus club, Melross Meneses, was one of the members that attended the competition and he spoke about the adversity that came about during that day. He said, “Our team was very small compared to the other schools that where there. They had team buses and it was a little intimidating at first but you still have a job to do.”

Teams came from all over the region to attend this competition. Those teams that brought more group members came the day before and got themselves situated in the hotel. The University’s team, however, had to awake early in the morning to board the 7:00 am train from Long Branch, NJ to the Big Apple only to take another subway into to 53rd street for registration. “It was one of the longest days of my life. From finalizing the presentation then only having an hour of sleep; that can really affect you,” said Gencorelli.

 The team could be found on the third floor of the convention center at the Hilton Hotel in a little corner practicing and reciting there lines and potential questions they might get asked. 

For the competition the teams were responsible for providing their own projector and table stand which they would use to give their presentation to the panel of judges. The panel consisted of 18 business professionals that ranged from the Unilever Company to CVS pharmacy. Teams were asked to prepare a 15 minute presentation while leaving a five minute period for questions. The Enactus team started the presentation by introducing themselves and giving a little information about the school. The audience was interested in the National Landmark that is Wilson Hall, and apparently some of the judges on the panel were New York Jets fans because they seemed interested in the Leon Hess Business School.

The team then proceeded to tell the panel, as well as others in attendance, about the projects that they have done in the Long Branch area. The projects included the resume builder project which they incorporated into the Soup D’Shore project at the local food pantry. President Meneses told the panel that, “These tools that we give those that are hungry and homeless won’t just feed them for a day, but will feed them for life.”

The team then followed up by talking about their upcoming project that will take place in April during Earth Month. But what seemed to capture the judge’s attention were the Philippines projects that Monmouth did and the ones that they have planned for the future. Meneses explained to the judges how just the teaching of basic hygiene can prevent a lot of the infections and diseases from developing.

During the question period, judges directed all of their questions towards the Philippines project and Monmouth future plans this upcoming June.

Following the presentation students were invited to a lunch prepared especially for them. Students were seated next to business professionals and during that time there was a round table discussion about the impact of entrepreneurship and innovation on economic growth. 

The day concluded with the award ceremony in which the two winners from Monmouth’s group was Dartmouth University and Quinnipiac University. Enactus ended the competition by letting the schools know that next there will be no regional completion, but everyone will be invited to the National Competition which will be held in St. Louis, Missouri in 2014.