Dan Amato

Blue Hawk Records Artist Spotlight: Dan Amato

Every semester, the University’s student run record label, Blue Hawk Records, creates and records a compilation album featuring various artists on campus. They hold open auditions for all students on campus, and then select four or five artists to record for the album.

This semester’s album will be released on Dec. 9 with a show from the artists that will be held in Anacon Hall in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. To prepare for the event coming up next month, let’s meet some of the artists on the album!

Dan Amato just started his first semester here as a freshman at the University in the music industry program. He is from Paramus, NJ, where he has performed at his high school’s Coffee House event each year, as well as the local Italian Festival in Hoboken, and even Relay for Life.

Amato loves it here at the University. “It’s great being by the beach and I love the music scene here. There are so many great musicians on campus,” he said.

Amato is a singer/song-writer and has been playing guitar for eight years. His biggest influences are first and foremost Bruce Springsteen, but also include other artists like John Mayer, Bon Jovi, and Richie Sambora.

Although Amato usually performs acoustically, he explained, “I love playing electric [guitar] and going harder sometimes…my music tastes really go anywhere from Rage Against the Machine to Frank Sinatra.”

For the fall 2015 semester’s Blue Hawk Records compilation album, Amato recorded a song titled “Beautiful to Me” which he explains was written “For anyone who needs a happy song.”

The artists on the album completed all of their recording at Lakehouse Studios in Asbury Park, NJ just a few weeks ago. As Amato’s first time recording in a professional studio, he said it could not have been easier, especially with the help of some of his good friends, Jon Bass and Owen Flannigan, both sophomore music industry students, who had recorded at Lakehouse Studios last year.

“Dan is one of the nicest and most appreciative guys ever and such a pleasure to work with. He’s super talented and knows what he is doing. Dan’s got soul,” said Bass, Amato’s Artist and Repetoire (A&R) representative from Blue Hawk Records. As A&R representative, Bass acts as a mediator between the label and Amato to make sure that they are both on the same page.

As a genuine guy whose love of music is almost as apparent as his humor and charm, Amato describes himself as an “old fashioned white t-shirt and jeans kind of guy.” He loves to share his music with whoever is willing to listen, and that is apparent in the way that he performs and also in the way that he writes.

In terms of his musical future, Amato mentioned that he has a lot of songs written that he would love to release soon. So who knows? Maybe he’ll come out with an EP next semester; University students will just have to stay tuned to find out. For now, though, everyone can enjoy some awesome Bruce Springsteen covers on Amato’s YouTube page.

“From mimicking the big man on sax with a toy as a kid all the way up until now, music has always been a huge part of my life,” Amato explained.

Don’t forget to support Amato and some other great Blue Hawk Record artists by picking up the album on Dec. 9 and coming out to the event.