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“Hey, Must be the Money!”

The Cash Attack Game Show Hosted by Student Activites Board Allowed Contestants to Win up to $250

Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted The Cash Attack, a “Deal or No Deal” game show spin off, in which participants of all ages were able to win up to $250 on Friday, Dec. 6.

As students flooded the Magill Commons Dining Hall to grab dinner after their classes had ended at 7:15 pm, they also had the opportunity to partake in The Cash Attack. Those interested in becoming a contestant during the game show wrote their name on a piece of paper and placed it into a hat. If their name was called, they had to approach the microphone located in the back of the dining hall, where they were able to walk away $250 richer. For those not as willing to participate, they were provided with a different form of entertainment in the dining hall than normal.

The Cash Attack consisted of five rounds. Similarly to the well-known television game show, “Deal or No Deal,” The Cash Attack contained 21 briefcases, each with a designated amount of money. The money ranged from $0.25 to $250. As an additional challenge, two of the briefcases contained X’s, resulting in an automatic loss for the contestant if chosen.

Julian Hayes, a junior business major, was the first winner of the night. He won $19 and said, “This was definitely a fun experience and something cool and different that the University does.”

The second winner of the night was freshman political science major, Natorye Miller. With two cases remaining, containing a possible $5 or $100, Miller opted to make a deal with the host and walked away with $65, choosing the cash over the case while her friends jokingly yelled, “That’s laundry money!”

After winning the $65, Miller said, “I really enjoyed this game a lot and I think the University has to do this in the dining hall more often. There was a lot of pressure in choosing the right case, but it was fun getting help from the audience and everyone who sat down to watch during their dinner time. People were definitely pumped up and excited to watch.”

Ali Hart, a freshman education and anthropology major, was called down to be the third contestant of the night. During a sudden death round of choosing to walk away with $65 or whatever the mysterious amount of money was in the case, Ali chose the case, becoming the highest winning contestant of the night. Ali walked away with $150. During her excitement of winning, Ali held up the $150 and said, “This was such a fun idea the dining hall had and they need to do this more! I stayed way past my dinner time to watch people play and I am glad I stayed long enough to win.”

The fourth person to win for the night was India Dotson, a sophomore business finance major. After withstanding four rounds of choosing cases, Dotson opted also for the cash over the case, walking away with $28.

Dotson said, “I was so nervous being up there in front of everyone choosing cases. I would love if the University did this every other week. We are college students and the chance to make a little extra money is an excellent idea.”

The fifth and final winner of the night was Drew Hall, a sophomore marketing major. Hall remarked, “This was an awesome experience, and I am glad I got to partake in it.” Hall made the decision to pick the case, in which he walked away with $40. When asked what he intended to do with his winnings, Hall replied, “I know I shouldn’t but I am going to spend it all in one place. I will probably use it towards tonight’s festivities.”

Host Victor Solis provided the entertainment for the night, who works for Karkut Entertainment. His agent is Neon Entertainment and he travels all across the country providing entertainment to different school districts, including the University.

He said being a game show host is a very exciting job to have and is something out of the ordinary. Solis continued, “I have been all over the country. In fact, I have been to 30 out of the 50 states. I enjoy traveling and visiting different schools.”

Alongside Solis was co-host Courtney Moore, a freshman theatre and communication major. Moore works with Student Activities through federal work study, where she attends different University run events and functions.

Moore said, “I really enjoyed being a co-host and opening the briefcases, as contestants waiting in anticipation and I was not nearly as nervous as I thought I would be.”

Moore also mentioned that there was a very large turnout, especially for a Friday night and everyone was very enthusiastic during the game show. Moore added, “I really enjoy attending the University. It is my home away from home and events like this make me take even more pride in my school than I already do. I would love to do this more often.”

Solis stated each school or University is unique. He said some schools are small, but their enthusiasm towards the game show is through the roof, while other crowds tend to be less lively.

As for Monmouth University, Solis remarked, “We have had the pleasure of working with Monmouth University for years now. They are always a good, consistent school that knows how to take care of their students. Overall, they have an excellent energy and it is always enjoyable being back here.”

PHOTO TAKEN by Nina Costa