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SAB Hosts “Preferred Parking” Comedy Tour

Comedians Samuel J. Comroe and Drew Lynch stopped by the University on their “Preferred Parking” comedy tour on Friday night, Nov. 7 in Anacon Hall from 8 – 9:30 pm

The comedians call their show “Preferred Parking,” poking fun at the challenges they face every day. Comroe has had Tourette’s syndrome his whole life, making his hand and face twitch. Lynch, however, had aspirations to become an actor up until a few years ago when a company softball game gone wrong led to a vocal cord injury that causes him to stutter.

Sponsored by the Student Activities Board (SAB), President and junior marketing major Dylan Vargas said “Preferred Parking” is different than the other acts because it is something people don’t get to see all the time.

Comroe and Lynch comically spoke of the struggles they face every day and the unwanted social situations their handicaps create. Lynch even said that his stutter and daily struggles have made him more humble, and Comroe poked fun at the way his face twitching makes it look like he’s winking at everyone. The two friends were touring separately before they decided to go on tour together and create “Preferred Parking.”

According to the duo’s website, “These hilarious comedians with challenges, inspire and motivate you to think twice about complaining about your life.”

SAB first heard of “Preferred Parking” at their National Association of Campus Activities conference last spring and booked them in person and had the date set since February, according to Vargas.

“I think one of the biggest factors that also made us choose them is that when we saw them on stage at NACA we felt that they were hilarious,” said SAB Comedy Chair and sophomore accounting major Emily Townsend. “One could tell they were comedians, not for the money, but for the enjoyment they get and that the audience gets when the two of them tell jokes.”

“About 75 people attended the comedy show, which is very successful considering it was a cold Friday night,” said Alicia Torello, SAB Awareness Chair and sophomore communication major.

“This was a very good turnout for awareness because it is sometimes hard getting people to show up for awareness events,” said Townsend.

“Preferred Parking” highlights that the underdog can come out on top with humor by taking a negative situation and reflecting it in a positive light, according to the comedians’ website.

Heather Kelly, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Muticultural and Diversity Initiatives, said, “I thought the turnout was great for a comedy show with a deeper message. I hope that it had a more significant impact. It’s rare you get a question and answer portion with a comedy show. I love that people asked questions about the performers, not just about their disabilities. Sometimes when you have a disability it is hard for people to look past that and see the complex person that exists underneath, just like everyone else. When you have a disability, you have to look at life the same way any other person should, [and] with a heavy dose of laugher.”

This comedy act is different from past acts SAB hosts because the Comedy Chair, Townsend, and the Awareness Chair, Torello, worked together on the event. This allowed SAB to highlight awareness for disabilities through the act, according to Townsend.

“Through its humor, [Preferred Parking] really teaches us about acceptance of disabilities as well as tolerance in general,” said Torello.

Although the comedians say they don’t actually get preferred parking, despite their weekly visits to the DMV, their skits can be found on their YouTube Profile, “Preferred Parking Comedy Tour.”