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Students Get a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Disney World

Last November, University faculty, students and guests were offered a spring break trip to Florida. Just last week, they all packed their bags and spent a weekend in Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

The package deal, partly funded by the Student Activities Board (SAB) and the rest covered by the attendees, supplied students with roundtrip airfare, ground transportation, a four-night stay in a Disney resort, a three-day Disney park hopper, and a majority of their meals. Additionally, it provided students an opportunity to attend a leadership workshop.

Participants of the workshop learned Disney management skills and business strategies for becoming effective leaders which included specially designed activities to help students explore their entrepreneurial, communication and empowerment skills and discover how to inspire team excellence.

“I thought the Disney experience was amazing and very inspirational. It was really interesting and inspiring to see what happens behind the scenes. I learned a lot about what it means to be a leader and over all enjoyed the experience,” said sophomore Priali Abah. It was Abah’s first time at Walt Disney World, and the sophomore believed the trip was well-worth the price of the package.

The workshop is marketed as a way to build a college students résumé and get a unique experience from the Walt Disney Park. During this workshop the group moved around the park doing activities in different locations. Student didn’t partake in any Disney attractions during the program, but instead got to experience a backstage experience at Epcot.

“Disney for Spring Break was an amazing vacation that I will never forget,” said junior Caroline Keating. “Each person is truly a piece to the Disney puzzle working on projects such as shows, parades and overall making the guest experience better. It was great to be able to see that.”

Students were able to see where and how all of the costumes are made for all of the Disney characters. Disney carries over 800 different costumes for their employees and range from a woman’s size two to a man’s size 60.

Sophomore Danielle Walsh stated that when she was first offered to go to the Disney Leadership Workshop, she was apprehensive. “I honestly didn’t know what to expect and what I was getting myself into, but it ended up being an amazing experience and one I will never forget,” she said.

Walsh learned how Walt Disney became a leader, and was exposed to the qualities that he possessed. “Not many people get the privilege of (learning) that and it really changed the way I saw Disney,” she continued. “We tend to forget how much hard work and effort goes into every detail. I now have a newfound appreciation for Disney and am going to implement the things I’ve learned in my everyday life.”

As a perk to University students for attending the leadership workshop, they are to be refunded $50 within two weeks of returning to campus after the spring break trip.

The Disney Spring break trip is not offered every year to students but instead is based on a bi-yearly schedule. SAB also hosts other break trips during the fall during the University extended weekend break, usually to Sleepy Hollow or to the Boston area.

Other trips that SAB offers are trips to Broadway shows, local theme parks, sports games, New York City and more.

SAB Advisor Megan McGowan chaperoned the spring break trip believes the trip gave students from all different classes and majors the opportunity to connect. She said, “The Disney trip is always a great success and it’s always a pleasure to talk to the students before departing to the airport to see how they spent their week and what magical experiences Disney gave them. We pride our students who decided to participate in the Disney leadership program because of the amazing and useful benefits that they can take away from it and put them to good use here back at Monmouth.”