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Students Get Cultural

The Office of International Students in conjunction with the International Club hosted their Annual International Festival, which featured various student performances to celebrate and promote different cultures of the University in Anacon Hall on Saturday, April 12 from 6:30 – 11:00 pm.

Saliba Sarsar, Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives, said that the International Festival, which was in association with the Global Understanding Convention, is a way for students on campus to celebrate their culture through creative performance and food. “It is a meaningful and rich experience where international students share their culture with each other and shows the global embrace as an organization and a University,” said Sarsar.

Approximately 180 students, faculty staff and family members attended the event, which included student performances from South Asia, China, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. There was also an international food buffet, which included Indian, Chinese, Puerto Rican and Middle Eastern cuisine. Tickets were $5 for students and id=”mce_marker”0 for anyone else who wished to attend the event.

The event began with students bearing the flags of their respective nations. The opening ceremony was followed by singing, dancing and poetry readings, while food was served throughout the evening.

“I think its interesting and a good experience to participate in the International Festival,” said Zoe Liu, a senior software engineering major, who participated in the opening display of international flags. “I think most international students take part in the festival because you get many people from different cultures participating together in a single event.

According to Liu, the most rewarding part of the festival, besides the food and performances was the ability to make new friends of different cultures.

Sarsar feels the International Festival is the best opportunity international students have to celebrate their culture and share it with the community. “Here at the University we have 129 students from 38 different countries and its important to celebrate our various diversities and cultures across campus. We are proud of who we are as a University because we are the world and the world is us.”

PHOTO COURTESY of Saliba Sarsar