The Odyssey at MU

As a college student, finding content online that comes from a fellow college student’s point of view is golden. College students understand what their peers have to deal with on a day to day basis. This is what makes The Odyssey Online so great. It is a website that has articles written by college students from all across the United States. To top things off, they have articles on virtually every topic. So no matter what you are interested in, it is virtually a guarantee you will find an article of interest.

Do you ever feel like you are the only one who deals with certain problems as a college students? Well you certainly are not and it is always nice to read about people with similar issues. Usually those types of articles are done with a comedic tone, making you feel a little better about your problem. Whether it is something like “Things You think About When You Are Late for Class” or “How to Stay Awake in Anthropology,” the writers totally understand where you are coming from because they are living it too.

It is more than just the typical college life that is talked about at the Odyssey Online. Maybe there is a big news story that you are really intrigued by. So would you rather hear about it from the point of view of some politician you do not know on TV, or read about it from a fellow college peer? Personally I would rather take it from the perspective of someone I think I can relate to.

There are more than just humorous articles about college life problems and news stories at the Odyssey. There are articles on almost any topic you can think of. So it does not matter if you are interested in sports, politics, cooking, technology or comic books, there are articles for them all. Maybe you are really into movies, and want to read about Marvel’s upcoming movie slate. Guess what? There is an article for you. Or maybe you want to find new animal videos to destress. Well guess what, there is an article for that too. No matter what the topic, there is almost a guarantee you can find an article.

The Odyssey Online is a small group of college kids from a few colleges. There are chapters at universities and colleges across the United States. There is even a chapter right here at Monmouth. So if you want to understand something from the point of view who lives elsewhere, check out some articles from campuses in that region. You can read multiple articles on a similar topic, and get several points of view depending on where the authors are from.

All of these factors help make the Odyssey Online what it is: a website for college students, by college students. It really is a great way to read articles on topics that interest you and read things from a similar point of view. We as college students are in a unique time of our lives, and it is nice to know there are others out there dealing with the same things as us. Reading those humorous yet relatable stories sure is a great way of reliving the stress that comes with being a college student. But for now, it is true that it is more expensive to be a woman.