Falling In Love With Fall

Falling in Love with Fall: The Best of the Four Seasons

While I agree, it is difficult to watch beach days dwindle down and warm summer nights come to end, I think it is undeniable that Fall is the best season. You have to be lying if you are not ready to trade in hit or miss weather, sweating, and forced family BBQ’s for comfortable weather, hayrides, cozy nights and sweaters.

Fall pulls together all the things we love most. It has plenty of things to do, holidays to celebrate, moments to enjoy and something to offer to everyone! Who doesn’t love the picturesque colors of the leaves on trees, pumpkin spice everything, apple picking, corn mazes, or the tranquil fall weather?

To begin, the orange, red, and yellow leaves that scatter everywhere you go always make such a magical scene. Everywhere you look is a stunning painting! Not much is better than the crunch of the autumn leaves below your feet as you are strolling around. Just simply driving down the road is a great way to take in the amazing views that fall brings with it.

Then there is the incredible crisp Fall weather. It is not too hot, but not too cold; it is the perfect comfortable happy medium. Fall weather means cozy flannels, sweaters, and boots.Fall means earlier, cool nights. Cooler weather also means keeping warm by bonfires with s’mores, warm drinks like hot chocolate and of course, the classic pumpkin spice lattes! 

There are also endless activities to do in the Fall which makes it even more great. Fall means football season is among us, which means there is always a game to go to. Whether it is your old high school, college games or the NFL. Always a great tailgate to attend!

Have nothing to do one afternoon? Go pumpkin or apple picking! Where there is always a cute hayride or those amazing, warm apple cider donuts. Take home some apples and make a delicious pie, or carve the pumpkins you take home into cute jack-o-lanterns. If you have nothing to do one night, you and a group of friends could always take a drive to the Field of Terror in East Windsor, New Jersey. The Field of Terror is complete with four different haunted attractions, including a petrifying corn maze. Definitely a must do fall activity!

Which brings me to the fact that Fall holds two of the best holidays there are! Halloween, the famous October 31, where kids and adults alike can dress up and be whomever they want! And of course, Thanksgiving, where anyone can eat as much as they want! Not much is better then handfuls of Halloween candy and Thanksgiving dinner spent with friends and family.

Fall is also the season that brings us all back here to Monmouth University to start a fresh, new school year. Syllabus week comes along, where you see everyone in class you have not seen since May. Receiving a new syllabus to begin a brand new semester, a brand new start. Fall break is right around the corner where you have some time off to enjoy Fall, maybe do some of the classic Fall activities with family or friends. Fall, being football season, also holds the beloved Monmouth Homecoming! Homecoming is a time to celebrate Monmouth, tailgate, watch football and a reason for all our favorite alumni to come back to visit.

Fall really has something for everyone, whether you enjoy sports, outdoors, flavored coffees, or just staying indoors and being comfortable.

With all these amazing attributes, how can anyone argue Fall is not the best season of the year?!

PHOTO TAKEN by Courtney Buell