Online Dating Fraud

My boss’s nephew is getting mar­ried in September. I’ve had the plea­sure of meeting the happy couple, and they are a perfect match for one another. You know the type; they finish each other’s’ sentences, have the same ideals, morals, and interests, and know what the other needs before they do. But they avoid telling people the “real” story of how they met, changing it each time, from saying they met at a coffee shop to while rock climbing (by the way, nei­ther of them rock climbs).


Keep Your Skin Safe Year-Round With Sun Protection

It’s July of 2010. Alex had a bit too much to drink the night before and fell asleep next to the pool at his friend’s house without sun­screen on. He would later wake up with third degree sunburn from head to toe. He would be so dehy­drated that he would require four IV’s of fluids at the hospital four days later and his knees would lock in a 90 degree angle as his muscles seize.


Volunteering to Make a Difference

One Student Realizes Importance of Helping Others After Experience at Charity Bike Race

There was a time when I thought that volunteering was simply a part of community service. People volunteer or do community to impress schools he or she wishes to attend or in order to fulfill a certain amount of hours for being caught party­ing a little too hard off campus. Maybe it is so that one fulfills her sorority’s requirements or because the university makes ev­ery club and organization pitch in for the Big Event. Regardless, no one volunteers without an ul­terior motive.


How to Be Happy

With the New Year upon us, it is time to remember our New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight, stop smoking, save more, spend less, Dean’s List, stop watching full seasons of televisions shows at a time on Hulu, all very valiant resolutions. This year, I have a different New Year’s Resolution. Call it the resolution to end all resolutions. This year, I vow to be happier.