Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to hit the stores and shop for your friends, family, and significant others. Sometimes it can be challenging trying to think of what to get them. Here are some ideas that will make the perfect gift this holiday season:

Drinkware- Beer mugs, thermoses, glasses, tumbler cups, and wine glasses could be a great gift for anyone. Buying someone a cup with their favorite quotes, movie or television characters on it or their favorite sport teams’ logo could be a great gift for anybody.

Kara Bradley, a senior communication student, said “One of my favorite items that I’m buying from Francesca’s, is a huge wine glass that can hold a whole bottle of wine.” Even novelty cups could be a great gift for people to add to their collections. You could even attach their favorite drink with the glass you choose to give them.

Movies- A great gift to give to people who love to watch movies and TV shows would be a popcorn bucket filled with their favorite movie candy, bags of popcorn, and a DVD set of their favorite show or a couple of their favorite movies. Speaking of candy, Claude Taylor, Athletics Professor-in-Residence, said, a great gift idea would be 30 days of classic candy. Buy one candy item for each day of the month.”

Trips- Taylor also said, “I.O.U. trips are a great gift that encourages quality time.” It could be doing a day trip of their favorite activities in the city or tickets to a zoo to see their favorite animals. Even getting them tickets to a concert to see their favorite artist or to see their favorite Broadway show could be the perfect gift to spend time with them doing and seeing the things they love.

Gift Sets-You could also get them a gift set of their favorite cologne/perfume. There are a lot of gift sets that come with the fragrances in body spray and lotion form. Or you can make up your own basket with their favorite fragrances and lotions.

Gift Cards- When it comes down to it and you can’t find anything that you’re sure about, you can never go wrong with giving people money or gift cards to their favorite stores, spas, or restaurants. Ben Marcello, a senior criminal law student, said “Gift cards are a great idea for anyone. Almost every business has gift cards or gift certificates that you can buy for someone so that way they can get what they want with it.” You can also attach the gift card to their favorite candy, or buy a wallet to put it in.