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DIY Costume Ideas: Save Money and Look Cute

There is no other holiday quite like Halloween. During this time of year, haunted hayrides may not be the only thing that spooks you, but expensive Halloween costumes may be equally as frightening. But fear not, you can look amazing this Halloween without breaking the bank by making your own costume.

When you buy a costume from the Halloween store chances are that at least three other people will have the same one. So instead of having a who wore it better faceoff you are better off creating your own unique get-up. So light up your favorite fall candle and grab a pen because I am about to give you some great DIY Halloween costume ideas.

#1. Rosie the Riveter:

For my pro-feminist ladies this costume is perfect for you. All you need is a jean button-up with the sleeves rolled up. A pair of jeans or shorts. Grab a red bandana for your hair. Apply a bold red lip and some eyeliner to finish off the costume.

#2. Audrey Hepburn:

For this costume wear a black dress, black long gloves and a tiara. Make sure to put your hair up into a sleek bun and you will look simply elegant this Halloween.

#3. A Mermaid:

Buy any colored bralette and use a hot glue gun to attach some shells to it. Wear a high-waisted peplum skirt with a pair of flip flops. Leave your hair down and curled tightly with a flower in it. With this costume all your friends will be questioning whether or not mermaids are real. 

#4. A Gumball Machine:

Hot glue some pom-poms to a basic tank top and wear a red high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts. Then, start collecting some quarters.

We Can Do It#5. Olaf:

If you were in love with the Disney’s Frozen this DIY costume is just for you. Wear all white and hot glue three black pom-poms to the front of your outfit. A white beanie with eyes and carrot nose glued onto it will bring this costume to the next level.

Kaelin Stoll, a sophomore psychology student cannot wait to dress up as Olaf this year. “I already bought some of the items I need to make the costume. I am so excited to dress up,” said Stoll. Anyone need a warm hug?

#6. All Black Costume Ideas:

For Halloween all black the costume ideas are endless. Add a chocker to an all black look and you will be an intimidating Goth. Vampire fangs and fake blood make for the creepiest all black look. Lastly, buy some black wings to transform into an angel of darkness.

#7. Can I be your superhero?

Superhero costumes are fairly easy to recreate. If you have a t-shirt with a superhero’s logo on it and pair that with a cape you are all set. Nicole Meissner, a sophomore business student loves superheroes. “Whenever I go to Great Adventure I normally buy a superhero cape. If I need a last minute costume, I usually wear one of my capes because it is easy and looks great,” said Meissner. 

Audry Hepburn

#8: Couple and Friend Costumes:

From previous Halloweens my favorite couple’s costume is the iconic denim Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears costume. Professor Maria Ciezak, an adjunct communication professor prefers making her own costume over buying one because it is more original that way. “I did this a couple years ago with my boyfriend. All my friends thought it was hilarious,” said Professor Ciezak. My favorite friend group costume is the Spice Girls. For Scary Spice, a person can wear something with animal print. A pink mini dress and pigtails is perfect for Baby Spice. A London dress is ideal for Ginger. You are sure to look and feel like Posh with a little black dress. Saving the most relaxed costume for last wear your favorite workout gear for Sporty Spice. You and your fellow Spice Girl’s will spice up anyone’s life this Halloween with your costumes.

Save your money this Halloween and make your own costume. These are only a few DIY costume ideas, but there are plenty of more online. Making your own costume is fun and easy. Who knows? Maybe you will be the winner of the costume party this year.

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