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Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Offers Alternative to Affordable Care Act

With the upcoming Presidential election in 2016, candidates from both the Republican and Democratic side are taking a stance on current issues affecting the American people. In particular, Republican candidate Jeb Bush has taken a stance on an alternative to President Obama’s healthcare plan.

Recently, Bush has released a plan to replace Affordable Care Act if he is elected President in 2016. According to CNN, the plan entails having the individuals choose coverage with high deductible with less coverage, which will then lead to increasing the contribution to health savings account.

A big aspect of Bush’s plan involves reduction of government involvement. He believes healthcare can be improved if private sectors were the source of health IT systems.

Another component of the plan includes, full disclosure for the patient. The patient at any time has the right to take ownership of his or her own records.

This would then go on to force Medicare and Medicaid centers to publicly release claims data.  Bush claims he would like to go beyond the idea of just expanding health coverage. He would like to increase medical technology usage in order to provide more efficiency within the health care process.

Obama AffordableCareActBush has been tied to his families’ political ideas and views. His father, former President George Bush H.W, has expressed his support and endorsement of Jeb running for office. Along with that, Jeb’s brother, former President George W. Bush has been making appearance on the campaign trail. 

The media has been recently trying to compare Jeb’s views on healthcare to President George Bush Jr’s polices. Though both brothers have similar viewpoints, Jeb claims his plan on healthcare issues is different than that of President George W. Bush.  Though Jeb is constantly being link to George W, Bush Jeb, he wishes to stand on his own polices.

Some believe that his plan is flawed. According to NPR, more than seventeen million people are currently on some form of healthcare plan from the government. Booting them from that in order to instill a new form of healthcare is seemingly impossible. However, this is battle Bush thinks he can handle. He addresses Obama’s plan to be a “monstrosity” and plans to “fix it”.

However, many consider President Obama’s plan as only sustainable for a certain amount of time. According to CNN, the plan does not have a solid solution to the fact that there are increasing healthcare costs, which is a huge concern not only for the people but the government as well. If the increase in the healthcare costs is not acknowledged or addressed there can be huge repercussions for the people. On the other hand, some believe it is the step in the correct direction.

Corey Lee Wrenn, lecturer of political science and sociology, said, “Obamacare still struggles to be affordable. People have a misunderstanding of it and think it is bound in socialist ideas however it is rooted in capitalistic norms”. This is a concern for many people. The actuality of Obamacare is that it is still unaffordable for many.

Both plans seem to have some kinks. Many believe President Obama’s current healthcare plan ideally perfect. However many consider the fact that it is most likely only sustainable for a certain amount of time.

Catherine Bartch, instructor of political science, said “However, Jeb Bush’s plan to jettison the Affordable Care Act completely will only reverse progress on health care policy in this country.  The Affordable Care Act may not be the perfect solution, but it does seem to be a step in a better direction.”

When asked about Jeb Bush and President Obama’s policies on healthcare, Sabrina Saenger, a sophomore political science student said, “Both the government and the future candidates are not addressing the true issues at hand, healthcare being one of them.”

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