Galentine Day

My Funny Galentine

The question of whether or not I will soon become the world’s most single woman is always valid, but I find that my nonexistent relationship status tends to become more of a pressing issue around the same time every year: Valentine’s Day.

But alas, there is a light that shines in the darkness for all of us single ladies during the month of February, and it’s a holiday that doesn’t call for a significant other. I give you, Galentine’s Day.

This holiday, which seems to have originally been created by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation, is to be celebrated on Feb. 13 every year.

“February 14, Valentine’s Day, is about romance, but February 13, Galentine’s Day, is about celebrating lady friends,” Poehler, as Knope, explained in an episode of the hit NBC show. “It’s wonderful and should be a national holiday,” she continued.

What’s great about Galentine’s Day, for the women in relationships, at least, is that it doesn’t interfere with Valentine’s Day, which means that those happily in love are still able to celebrate with their other halves on V-Day, even after spending the previous night with their best girlfriends.

And what makes it even better is that unlike Valentine’s Day, there is no need to make elaborate plans or buy expensive presents; Galentine’s Day is simply about showing love for the women that mean the most to you.

“Galentine’s Day is a reminder of how important female friendships are and a great way to celebrate them,” explained Hayley Toft, a junior fine arts student and avid Parks and Recreation fan.

“It serves as a reminder that women should encourage and protect each other rather than compete with one another,” she continued.

It’s also a nice reminder that it’s okay to be single, especially during what is supposed to be the most romantic time of the year.

“I love the idea of Galentine’s Day because it reminds me that I’ll always have the support and love from my friends and that’s something that’s very comforting and valuable to me,” said Chandler McCarthy, a junior business administration student.

Galentine’s Day doesn’t discriminate, so whether you’re single or taken, celebrations are are always encouraged.

Although Knope and her gals celebrated by going out to breakfast together in Parks and Recreation, there are a handful of ways to observe this unofficial holiday.

Sharing a meal together is always a nice way to celebrate, whether you cook for one another or make a reservation at a nice restaurant.

The thirteenth of February is probably the best day to go out to eat for any –entine’s Day celebrations because once the fourteenth rolls around, most restaurants only serve meals from a special menu with a limited variety and a lot of dollar signs.

Having a movie night is also a great way to enjoy Galentine’s Day. Stock up on popcorn – the kind with the movie theater butter, obviously – and lots of candy and you’ll all be set.

The only tough decision of the night will be whether or not everyone will want to watch all eight Harry Potter movies or She’s The Man, which doesn’t really seem like too much of a problem to me.

A Pinterest-inspired DIY night is also a great way to spend time together. Whether or not you’re in a sorority, you can always find a reason to craft.

Projects for your dorm room, apartment, or house can easily be found online and completed on your bedroom floor, or the 21 and over crowd can meet at a “paint and sip” destination like Pinot’s Palette in Red Bank to indulge in some wine and artistic endeavors.

If all else fails or none of the above options seem appealing to you, your Galentine’s Day can always be celebrated with a traditional girls’ night in, makeovers and nail polish included.

Truthfully, there is no wrong way to celebrate this special day; it really all depends on what you and your girlfriends are into.

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate, all that matters is that you share the love you have for the amazing women in your life in any way that you can this Feb. 13th.

Even with all of that said, I still don’t think that it’s fair to downplay the value of a so-called “Hallmark holiday” like Valentine’s Day because it’s a day that promotes the celebration of love and kindness, and if there is anything in this entire world that we need more of, it’s those two things.

So even if your Valentine’s Day plans currently consist of Chinese food, Netflix, and feelings of bitterness and resentment for all of your happy couple friends, take a step back and look at the bigger picture: romantic relationships are not the only relationships that deserve to be celebrated and cherished this month.

Galentine’s Day is all about “ladies celebrating ladies,” according to Knope, so grab yuor girlfriends and have yourselves a very happy holiday.