Single Women V Day

Valentine’s Day: Single Guys vs. Girls

The holiday that singles dread most is upon us. For those that lack a significant other on Valentine’s Day it may feel as if they will be #foreveralone. However, your mom usually pulls through by sending you your favorite candy or a cute stuffed teddy bear. Even spending time with your friends help you cope with the copious amounts of couples that are out and about on February 14. Just because you don’t have a bae does not mean that you can’t enjoy the holiday.

Communication professor, Shannon Hokanson gave her advice for single people on Valentine’s Day, “Don’t put too much energy into the holiday. It’s a little overblown. Take care of yourself.”

When single people are asked about their Valentine’s Day plans, they seem to not give much thought to their relationship status. Casey Labarre, a health studies student discussed her plans for Valentine’s Day this year, “I’m just going to hang with my friends, and have a good time. Who needs a boy, you know?”

Nick Bellomo, a student studying business, remarked “There’s other things to love in life; there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself.”

Both students may seem as if they do not mind being single, but it is apparent that single girls tend to spend their Valentine’s Day differently than single guys do. Typically, women seem to be more heartbroken by the day, while guys treat it as if it is just another day. Both genders have different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Days and within in this article I have described how both typically choose to spend February 14.

Single girls call up all of their single girl friends to hang out because they don’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day; that would be tragic. They typically make plans to treat themselves by splurging on some new makeup and getting a mani and pedi. While they read People Magazine and have their nails painted pink they talk about their friends that could not make it because they have boyfriends. They comment that their friends in a relationship are really missing out, and criticize their relationship because they are jealous that they do not have a significant other of their own to spend Valentine’s Day with.

Typically, women get dressed up to grab dinner together at a nice restaurant where they over indulge in foods that would exceed their Weight Watcher’s points for the day. After dinner, they put on their cozy pajamas and curl up on the couch, cuddling with their pillow pets, to watch a romantic movie. While they devour their individual pints of chocolate-brownie ice cream, they ponder why their lives did not mirror a Nicholas Sparks’ novel. Once the movie ends, they scroll through Instagram and become disgusted and jealous of the phots of happy couples. Later, the girls go to bed and can only hope that next Valentine’s Day maybe they will have a special someone to share it with.

For single guys, Valentine’s Day is just another day. They might watch the NBA (ball is life), play XBOX, or order Domino’s Pizza. Besides that, they enjoy chilling out and not having to deal with the stress of buying a gift and pleasing their girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Both genders have drastically different ways of spending Valentine’s Day. It is a really overrated holiday, and you do not have to sulk because you are not in a relationship. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or looking to mingle, you can find ways to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.