Winter Fashion Trends

Winter Fashion Trends

Achieving a fashionable look in the winter months is difficult when all you want to do is wear your comfiest sweatshirt and wrap yourself up in a blanket for maximal warmth. Staying stylish and keeping warm can be a difficult look to master, or it can be the easiest thing in the world if you have the right mindset. Maintaining your personal style can be a breeze in the winter with the right pieces and techniques, and just a few simple adjustments to your look can make a drastic difference.

One simple way to stay warm in the winter while still looking your cutest is layering. Layering is a classic and easy way to maintain a fashion-forward look, while still being practical for the cold weather. Not only is layering wildly trendy, but it also always helps to keep you warm. That bundled up look we all strive to rock during those below freezing days is a perfect look for winter fashion. Layering is easy – a T-shirt, flannel, thick jacket and floppy beanie are all you need to piece together a cozy and fun outfit. Rebecca Roth, a sophomore communication student, is also a fan of layering and can be seen around campus bundled up to the max on those icy days. She said, “Layering keeps you warm but fashionable at the same time. It’s a winter go-to style.”

Communication instructor Nicholas Messina also opts for the go-to winter style of layering. “I’m a firm believer that in the winter, fashion takes a bit of a backseat to practicality. I want to be warm more than anything else. That’s why I layer!” said Messina.

Even fashion lovers who look forward every night to getting dressed the next morning take into account the freezing temperatures, meaning that practical clothing has to come first. “Practical clothing” might sound scary to fashion gurus, but really it is completely possible to be warm and stylish. Messina achieves this by throwing on a wool sweater over his shirt for the day to stick with the layering look, and for warmth. “If you want to stay relevant and hip, go to your local thrift store – Goodwill has never let me down when I’m looking for a hearty sweater,” said Messina.

Another easy way to stay warm in the winter is simply with a sweater. Sweaters are cozy and are a great practical article of clothing when the temperature is low. Sweaters are classic and go with virtually any style (i.e. preppy, girly, grunge). They are very versatile and a total a win-win choice. Caitlin Smoler, a sophomore health studies student, said, “When in doubt, always throw on a cute sweater because you’ll look trendy and keep warm.” Sweaters are in fact always trendy during the winter months, making them a great choice for the winter.

Other ways you can keep warm in the winter while still staying fashionable are with thick jackets, fun hats, gloves and scarves, and warm boots. Winter fashion is the best because you have more options than you do in the warmer months. Jeans, flannels, scarves, and so many other things can only be worn when it’s cold out. So, while you are shivering during the cold winter months you might as well look cute while doing it.