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Campus Viewpoint 3-30-16

What is the best April Fool’s prank you’ve heard of?

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“Creating a bath bomb and causing the bubbles to overflow everywhere.”

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Kaitlyn (left)


“Secretly putting holes in someone’s cup, and when they put a drink in it, it spills out all over them.”

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“Place rubber ducks all over someone’s room while they’re sleeping, so they’re surrounded by ducks when they wake up. Their confusion is worth it.”

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“I can tell you what wouldn’t be a good prank; last April Fools, I pranked my mom by calling her and saying I got a ticket for running a red light, then exactly an hour later, I got in a real car accident, called her, and she didn’t believe me. She had to call my fiancé for her to actually believe me that I wasn’t joking anymore, so I don’t recommend April Fool’s jokes anymore. Also, don’t prank your mother!”