University Improves One Spot in Annual U.S. News and World Report Ranking; 40 Spots Since 2005

Monmouth University has once again climbed the rankings of the U.S. News and World Report’s annual ranking of Best Colleges, which is often used as a gauge for prospective students to decide which college to attend.

The University came in 36th place for its category, Regional Universities (North), Monmouth University improved from one position last year, having risen a total of 40 spots since 2005. With its new position, Monmouth has surpassed 75 percent of the competing universities in the category. Additionally, Monmouth University was showcased in The Princeton Review’s renowned listing of “The Best 380 Colleges,” and Best Value Schools’ “30 most beautiful coastal college campus.”

Boasting a number of academic and social amenities, Monmouth is a favorite among New Jersey Students, as its 4,634 enrollment and 80.5 percent retention rate indicates.

As Best Value Schools noted, Monmouth is famous for its bustling beach area with an abundance of swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. Additionally, with New York City only 40 minutes away, it is no secret why students find it easy to have fun.

President Paul Brown, PhD, the eighth president of the University, has been the spearhead of numerous renovations to the University’s campus and academic programs.

“It’s fantastic to see our ranking rise once again in U.S. News & World Report and to be recognized as one of the best colleges in the nation,” said Brown in an official University press release. “Monmouth University offers students an environment for transformative learning and immersive personal experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We take pride in preparing students to succeed in life after Monmouth.”

Additionally, numerous students have expressed their pleasure in the university’s prestigious ranking.

“As a proud student of Monmouth University, this is great news to me,” said Nicholas Carlascio, freshman communications major. “I hope we can continue to rise through the rankings before I graduate from this beautiful school.”

Austin Skelton, a sophomore political science major and Student Government Association (SGA) Elections and Recruitment co-chair member, noted that much of the recognition can be accredited to the University’s eagerness to improve various aspects of the campus.

In recent years, the University placed heavy emphasis on restructuring its physical appearance and academic programs. Starting with New Hall, students were given the option of living in state-of-the-art dorm rooms. Next, the dining services were altered, as Aramark was replaced with Gourmet dining and the dining hall and the student center were revamped. Additionally, the traditional 15 week semester was replaced with a 14 week semester, with each class extended five minutes. For the 2015-2016 school year, the University opened the doors to Pozycki Hall, the newest addition to Monmouth’s business program. Currently, the university is overhauling Howard Hall and the Thomas A. Edison Science building.

“I think Monmouth University’s new regional ranking is due to the administration’s newly implemented strategic plan,” said Skelton. The execution of the plan thus far has been key in the schools ability to move up the ranks.
Although the current renovations have gained the University many admirers, more can be done to climb the rankings. As for the future, Skelton highlighted different areas that the University can continue to improve.

“In the future, I would like to see the stadium renovated. I know we are waiting for donations, but once it is completed it will most likely boost the rankings of Monmouth,” said Skelton. “Moreover, I would like to see the fitness center have new equipment, machines, and hopefully additional space.”

If these improvements are made, Skelton added that Monmouth University’s ranking will indeed climb further.

Having risen in the annual report, it is abundantly clear that Monmouth University continues to please its students.

Jeremy Nicolas Colon, a sophomore criminal justice major, also attributed the new ranking to the University’s constant focus on student satisfaction.

“I feel a sense of pride to know that the university I attend continues to increase its prestige. I believe that Monmouth’s continuous efforts to always make the students their first priority is what led to this ranking,” said Colon.

Furthermore, Colon hopes that one day, his own accomplishments will again boost the ranking and add prestige to the University.

“My future hope is to graduate with a degree in criminal justice, and when the time is right, to further my education with a masters,” said Colon.

“Nothing else would mean more to me than to become a well-respected Monmouth alum and to be able to further its prestige with the big things that I plan to accomplish in my lifetime.”

IMAGE TAKEN from US News and World