10 Items Chill Space

10 Items That Will Chill Your Space

With the end of spring semester approaching, our stress levels start to skyrocket. All of your assignments start to pile up and then it is time to study for finals. One way to help alleviate some of that stress is by creating a more serene atmosphere in your space.

There are many cost efficient items one can purchase for their room to make it a calm and relaxing environment. Here are 10 inexpensive items that are the perfect addition to any room.

1) One of the most well-known items associated with relaxing is incense. Chaeli Marinelli, a Senior communications student said, “Incense are really cheap and smell great. They also don’t take up a lot of space in your room.”

Incense can be found in most stores, even at Five Below, and there are a variety of different scents, so you can pick the one that you like the most.*discalimer* Incense is not allowed in the dorms.

2) Along with incense, oil sprays also help to create a soothing environment. Mary Harris, a specialist professor of public relations said, “Essential oil sprays in scents like lavender, are very relaxing and smell great.” They don’t cost too much either.

 Colby Mura, a senior communications student, said “I make my own room sprays and find that sprays and keeping rooms simple with clean white walls can create a relaxing atmosphere.”

3) Marinelli also suggests pillows as a great addition to any room saying, “They are really comfy and make any room cozy.”

Pillows are soft and decorative but depending on where you buy them they can also be an inexpensive way to add some comfort to your space.

4) Candles are a staple when creating a tranquil environment. You don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money on them either. You can find nice smelling candles for cheaper prices at any store. Harris said, “White candles make a room the most relaxing.”*Disclaimer* Candles are also not allowed in the dorms.

5) When you’re really stressed out, music can be the best outlet. Whether it’s playing your favorite Spotify playlist or listening to soothing soundscapes, you will discover that you are more relaxed listening to the music that you love, especially when it is free.

6) If you have a quote that you really like or find it to be inspiring, chances are that you can find it online or in stores painted on a canvas or wooden sign. These add decoration to your room and serve as reminders to relax and power through those stressful times in your life.

7) Rock garden fountains that you simply fill with water and plug into an outlet to circulate the water are extremely relaxing. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are very cheap.

8) Flowers also enhance the tranquility of a space. They can brighten up a room and also make it smell really nice too. If you do not feel like taking care of flowers or have the time to; purchasing fake ones to set up on your desk still adds some nice decoration to your room.

9) Keeping your room clean is a simple and cost free way to make your room relaxing. It’s easy for rooms to accumulate clutter. Once you eliminate of all that clutter, your stress levels will decrease.

10) Lastly, lighting is a major influence on the atmosphere in a room. Great investments that provide both a relaxing atmosphere as well as decoration for your room are string lights. They have many different styles of stringed lights that match any room or personality. These lights are a cheap and fun way to light up any space.

These are just some suggestions of items that will help to create a tranquil environment in your space.

On a college student’s budget it is sometimes difficult to allocate funds to decorating your space, but purchasing some items is sure to help relieve some of your stress for the rest of the semester.

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