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Student Activities Board Goes ‘All In’ for Casino Night

The Student Activities Board held their annual “Casino Night” on Saturday, Oct. 1 in Wilson Hall to show parents a great time during Parent’s Weekend.

It is that time of year when SAB plans and executes all of their amazing events for the student body to have a good time, as well as give them something to do on campus. Luckily for this specific event, it landed on the weekend of Parents Weekend.

This year’s theme revolved around the 1920’s Jazz era, and the décor and layout of the event embodied this theme. Concert’s Chair for the Student Activities Board and junior business major James Ruffino stated, “I couldn’t have thought of Casino Night going any better than it did. The turnout was absolutely amazing and the set up and appearance of the event was great. It goes to show that all the time and effort the executive board puts into these events are worth it”.

Casino Night is essentially an event where people can come and play casino games for a chance to win amazing door prizes. As students and their families entered Wilson Hall, they were greeted by board members welcoming them to the event and showing them to where they get their chips to begin to play the different games.

At the table, more board members handed each attendee a cup of chips worth $3,000 and that is what they would use to bet. Once they had their chips, they were able to play any games they want. At this year’s Casino Night, the games of choice included Craps, Roulette, Texas Holdem, Blackjack, and slot machines.

The unique aspect of this event is that all the dealers at the tables are either board members from SAB or Professional Staff from the University who volunteered their night to help the event run as smooth as possible. Aside from just playing casino games, attendees were welcomed with small finger foods and beverages.

As the night came to the end, everyone who attended and cashed in their chips for raffle tickets went up to each of the door prizes and placed their tickets in hopes to be the lucky winner.

By the time they handed in their chips, every $1,000 worth of chips were worth 1 ticket. The door prizes ranged from a FitBit, Monmouth apparel, a speaker with iTunes gift cards, and more. Gina Crowell, Vice President of Marketing and Membership said “Casino Night turned out amazing!”

Our Festivals chair really executed her vision of a 1920’s Jazz Club perfectly. It’s always great to see all the students playing card games and winning prizes with their families”.

This event is a time for students to spend time with their families since they have been away from home for about a month now, and it gives those students something to do as a family.

The Festivals chair for SAB and the one who was in charge of this event, Marissa Stiuso went on to say “I’m incredibly happy with how Casino Night went. SAB faced quite a few obstacles with this one but I am grateful for being a part of such a hard working E-board, because without them Casino Night would never be as great as it is”.

Everyone who attended the event had such an amazing time and had a great time. Make sure to stay updated with all of the events that are being planned by SAB to enjoy all the fun!

Lindsay Smith, Assistant Director of Student Activities, said “There was a great turnout of students and families. The SAB students put many hours of hard work and time into the event and did a wonderful job planning, executing, and running the event.”