We Need More Diversity at MU

Diversity is defined by The Outlook as a range of different cultures within the people we interact with. We live in a world where we have witnessed and learned about people who fought through injustices that were once a huge part of our society. These injustices were unearthed because of activists’ recognition of our society’s inability to embrace different cultures and races. Our society looks up to individuals like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who have fought for the rights of people. Even though it seems like we have progressed significantly as a country and in our views as a society, there is still a lot that we have yet to accomplish. At the University this may be due to its lack of cultural and racial diversity.

The Outlook editors agreed that Monmouth’s campus is not wholly diverse, but aknowledges that over the past few years the population has gradually diversified. Several editors noted that they have seen a change on our campus since their first year at Monmouth.

One editor said, “I think there has been an increase in diversity since I first became a student, but I think Monmouth has a lot of catching up to do.”

When it comes to the University as a whole, editors agree that our campus is not extremely diverse but we seem to be moving forward. When it comes to the diversity of on campus social groups, it is agreed that there’s an absence of diversity.

One editor said, “I would say that social groups are not diverse. People tend to hang out with people who are like themselves and share similar cultural values.”

Monmouth’s campus could be more diverse if there were more minority students accepted to the school. However, the cost of tuition is a factor that may lead to the lack of diversity on campus. One editor noted, “I think that Monmouth tries to be encouraging, but if the tuition wasn’t so high, there would probably be more diversity.”

There’s a considerable amount of room for improvement in diversity when it comes to the different social groups and organizations on campus.

One editor said, “They recognize that there needs to be more diversity but I also feel that they do not do much to change that.” The editor commented, “I really think Monmouth needs to have a more diverse staff and student population.”

All editors agreed that although diversity is often an issue that is brought up on our campus, not much is done to encourage or initiate a change.

There is a need for Monmouth to grow and become a more diverse university which allows students to have the opportunity to be activists. Students can stand up for issues that they believe need to be addressed and improved.

One editor said, “The more diverse the campus is the more open-minded students will most-likely be. If you have friends of different religions, races, and cultures you’ll be able to put yourself in their shoes whenever they need you to stand beside them in the face of injustices.”

Another editor said, “To encourage others, students can lead with example. If students want to see more diversity on campus, those students should be open-minded themselves and lead with example.”

Editors agree that there are different ways students can be activists and encourage others to do the same. Students who share the same views can work together to accomplish what they believe needs to be done on campus to increase awareness and diversity.

An editor said, “Students can be activists by taking initiative. We go to an institution of higher learning, and it is on us to make sure that injustices do not go unnoticed. There are clubs on campus that are known for being active, such as Students Advocating Girls Education, Gender Studies, CommWorks, and the African American Student Union. If you want to be active get yourself on the email list of any of these student organizations.”