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Monmouth University’s Panhellenic Council

The Panhellenic Council (PHC) at Monmouth provides members of Panhellenic sororities a productive way to contribute to the Panhellenic community, as well as holds its own members accountable.

PHC strives to develop and maintain the fraternal life and Inter-fraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment. It is made up of an executive board (e-board), six delegates (1 per sorority), and a seven-position cabinet.

The e-board consists of the President, Vice President of Programming, and Vice President of Recruitment. The President has an overall responsibility for the operation of the Panhellenic Council and presides at all regular meetings.

It is a presidential obligation to ensure that other members of the council are completing their obligations in a timely, efficient manner. This helps to ensure that any council events are ran smoothly and successful.

The Vice President of Programming (VPP) performs the duties of the President, in their temporary absence. They serve on the Greek Senate Cabinet and attend weekly meetings, as well as conduct the fall and spring PHC planning retreat. This position maintains and oversees the programming of the PHC Cabinet in all of its events.

Haley Connell, the current VPP, commented, “It is a lot of work to hold this position, but it is worth all of my time and efforts being able to see the success of the events we plan to help make not only our Greek community better, but the Monmouth community better as well.”

The Vice President of Recruitment (VPR) holds a similar position, however, is in charge of overseeing all things recruitment-related. The VPR helps create and supervise the Recruitment Team and all of the Recruitment Counselors, develops a comprehensive set of recruitment rules, and assists in the development of a recruitment schedule and calendar for fall and spring recruitment.

Although it seems as though the e-board positions are all PHC has to offer, there are other roles on the council that are just as important, if not the most important. The delegates selected by each chapter are required to attend all of the weekly meetings and act as a representative for their chapter.

This means being the voice of their chapter in discussion and voting circumstances. Delegates are an important contribution to the council’s growth and improvement for the following semester.

The PHC Cabinet consists of seven positions that cover each of the four pillars of greek life, that allow the council to achieve its goals in the community. The Cabinet is made up of: Director(s) of Academic Achievement, Director(s) of Membership Development, Director(s) of Community Service, Director(s) of Philanthropy, Director(s) of Fellowship, Brand Manager(s), and an Administrative Assistant.

Each of these positions reports to the VPP and are required to create at least one event per semester, involving the participation of all member chapters, regarding their specific position. For example, the Panhellenic Council philanthropy is Circle of Sisterhood (COfS). COfS helps to create and spread awareness for women’s education around the world. In order to do so, the council plans numerous events throughout the year to achieve this goal.

Communications student Niki Kuczborski, one of the Directors of Philanthropy, stated, “This year we held a Circle of Sisterhood Week to help us raise money and awareness on campus. We held different tabling events to spread the awareness of how small the amount of women that receive a proper education is. My Co-Director, Dominque Connell, and I feel passionately about getting information into the hands of the community that could persuade them to do something about this injustice. Our hope is to inspire others to help this cause that effects so many people in the world.”

The council helps promote growth and improvement in Greek life and on Monmouth’s campus as a whole. Without possessing governing councils of each organization, the Greek life community would not flourish and thrive as they do now.

Michele Kaplan, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority Life, added, “The council is a great outlet for the women of Panhellenic to utilize their skills to help create events for the sororities and the Monmouth community.It’s important to have a strong network of women to lead the organizations on the campus and provide an opportunity for leadership within the community.”

Photo Courtesy of Kendal Adams