Hawks Help Peer Mentors

Hawks Lend a Helping Hand as Peer Mentors

The spring semester is upon us and classes are in full swing. Workloads are increasing and stress levels are rising. While you may have a knack for writing your papers and completing assignments on time, others may not. Luckily, there is a place for that.

The Center for Student Success is housed in the lower level of the Student Center and encompasses many amenities for students in need of support. One service located in the Center for Student Success is Writing Services.

If you’re someone who does have a knack for writing, you can become a writing assistant within the program.

Writing Assistants work with their peers to upgrade to student’s work and skills.

Students who wish to apply as a Writing Assistant must have already completed at least 30 credits at Monmouth, have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher, have completed both EN 101 and EN 102 with a B+ grade or higher, and must have the recommendations of two faculty members. 

Neva Lozada, the Director of Writing Services and Supplemental Instruction said, “If students build a strong foundation in academic writing during their first year, they will be able to transfer these skills to other writing assignments and courses throughout their time in college as well as to their professional life after Monmouth.”

 “Writing Services is positioned as a resource for these students to assist them throughout all stages of the writing process and serves a partner in their journey toward academic success.” Lozada added

Another service on campus aimed at helping fellow hawks is the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services.

Perhaps you are not a resident student and want to connect with other commuter students. The Commuter Student Mentor (CSM) Program, a part of the Office of Off-Campus and Comuter Services, is designed to assist first-year commuter students with adjusting to life at college, by matching them up with a commuter student who is an upperclassman role model.

 Because commuter students do not spend as much time on campus as resident students, they may feel out of place when it comes to campus involvement.

Namra Shueib, a sophomore accounting student and commuter student mentor said, “Mentors give helpful tips such as meal plan ideas, arriving early for parking, and the importance of involvement on campus as well. The program helps students become more familiar with the University and a way to meet new people.”

Shueib was in charge of supporting twelve freshman commuter students last semester.

“I was a friend that they could always reach out to with any questions via text, email, or phone,” said Shueib.

Dr. Vaughn Clay, Director of Off-Campus and Commuter Services and founder of the CSM Program said, “The applicant must be outgoing, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in helping other commuter students succeed at Monmouth University,”

For those interested in welcoming future commuter students the application process to become a Commuter Student Mentor begins at the end of February.

Students looking to apply must be a returning student for the fall of 2017, available to participate in Parent’s as well as Student’s Orientation, and, most importantly, an off-campus or commuter student who is in good standing with the university. 

Whether you are a student looking to help others build upon their writing skills, or a commuter student looking to get further involved, Monmouth has the services to help you help others.

IMAGE TAKEN from monmouth.edu