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New Jersey: Highest Car Insurance Rates in the Country

For the fifth year in a row, vehicle drivers in New Jersey paid the highest amount of car insurance in the nation.

According the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average New Jersey driver pays about $1,905 per car for auto insurance. Compared to the nation’s overall average of $907, New Jersey motorist pay nearly $1,000 more on car insurance than the average driver in the U.S.

Motorists in the state’s largest cities pay an average of $1,982, while those who live in more suburban areas pay an average of $1,304. Since 2014, the average cost of insurance in the state has gone up $642 according to the report.

New Jersey has infamously been known for being an expensive state, recently being ranked the 5th most expensive state to live in.

Along with auto insurance, the state also comes in first for highest property taxes, and also has one of the highest cost per pupil for public education as well.

Claude Taylor, Advisor-in-Residence for Academic Transition and Inclusion, believed that the cost of auto insurance in our state is “justifiable considering the volume of drivers and the number of accidents and claims filed.”

Considering that New Jersey has more people per square mile than any other state.

According to the World Bank Data’s World Development Indicators, “New Jersey’s 2008 population density of 1,168 people per square mile is more than ten times that of the country as a whole.”  More people results in more accidents.

Taylor continued, “For me I think the peace of mind is worth the money I pay.”

NJ Car Insurance Rates 2Although the price may be justifiable, it is still expensive and concerning, especially for part-time working college students. Shannon Burke, a freshman at Monmouth and a Wisconsin native and was shocked when she found out the cost of car insurance in New Jersey.       

When asked how she felt about the state’s car insurance cost, Burke said, “My parents said that in order for me to have my car on campus, I would need to pay my own car insurance. Considering the cost of car insurance here, I don’t think I’d be able to. Back in Wisconsin, I paid $85 a month for car insurance. While I was looking at prices here, the lowest amount I’d be able to pay was $125.”

Madeline Walker, a freshman psychology student, said, “I worked all summer just to have enough money to pay for my car insurance while in school. I pay so much for car insurance that I don’t have enough money to actually use my car and go out.”

New Jersey is an extremely expensive state to live in, especially when it comes to car insurance. That being said, if you plan on purchasing a car, be prepared to spend a generous amount of money on car insurance.

PHOTO TAKEN by Jasmine Ramos