Benefits of Journals

Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Benefits of JournalsThe art of writing, whether it be poetry, stories, plays, or simply writing our thoughts down, has been the most dependable and influential form of recording history and remembering things that are important to us. The Diary of Anne Frank is probably the most notorious in history and greatly broadened our understanding of what was going on and how people were feeling during such a trying time in history.

Diary and journal writing does not only have to be for historical figures. Often times, in TV shows and movies, diary entries are used to narrate and tell the inner thoughts of a main character. A diary or journal is something that is very personal and is a way for people to just write out how they are feeling.

In the 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie Read It and Weep, we follow the story of a young high schooler that wrote down all of her personal thoughts and feelings on her high school experience in her journal. Later in the movie, the story in her journal becomes a best-selling novel and, although the story was very revealing and may have even hurt some people, we learn how important journals are to help us express the troubles we face with everyday life.

Writing in any form is an amazing way for us to express ourselves. I, personally, have a song lyrics journal where I write things down that may be helpful or may inspire me to write a song. The words and feelings in these lyrics express what I am going through and what I am thinking in a more creative way.

Journaling is a much more personal experience. When people write in a journal, they are not expecting anyone else to read it necessarily. The purpose of a journal or diary is to have an outlet to get all the chaos and emotions of the world and everyday life out of your system so they aren’t weighing you down. If someone is feeling frustrated or upset with someone, s/he may just write out an angry entry in his/her journal to get all the tension out in a healthy way.

Journaling could also include documenting how you feel during a special trip or special occasion. Back in July of 2011, I went to Creation Music Festival in Pennsylvania for the first time and I made sure to take time every night to reflect on the day and write down exactly what I did and how I was feeling. When I look back on those entries, I can almost remember exactly where I was sitting and all the emotions I was feeling at the time. This shows how journaling can be a very powerful and eye-opening experience.

Keeping a journal or diary can be as laidback as you want it to be or as emotional and serious as you need it to be. Keeping things bottled up inside of you is never healthy. Writing things out in a journal or diary can give us peace of mind and help us to feel free of any worries we have.