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Scholarship Scavenger Hunt

I am looking to get more financial help for college. After the government and my school, is there anywhere else?

The audience for your question includes 2 out of 3 college students, who receive some sort of financial aid. Your search is divided into 2 categories. There is money you have to repay, and scholarships and grants you do not. You are not thinking about it now, but the government loans are going to be a large burden to repay.

More than half of student aid, over $120 billion, does not have to be repaid. This comes from the government and the college financial aid office. Your search for more money now begins.

Nearly $16 billion comes from private sources, including: colleges, military, individuals, communities, religious groups, non-profits, historical societies and businesses, cites corporate scholarship donor Mattress Clarity.

You probably exhausted the online scholarship search engines. It is not cliché, but there is no place like home.

You and your parents both need to be involved. The first resource is back in the high-school guidance office. It can have notices of scholarships exclusively for local students.

Next, your parent’s employer may have funds available for employees. If you have been employed, your quest is to market yourself to that company. Agreeing to return for Summers and full-time employment after graduation, may earn you some tuition reimbursement, explains Legal Scoops news.

If your family is active in any community or religious organization, actively seek their assistance. This type of aid is not posted anywhere, you have to discover it.

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Martin J. Young is a former correspondent of Asia Times.