09.27.17 Viewpoint 4

Campus Viewpoint 9-27-17

How can the students of Monmouth help to prevent hazing practices on campus?

09.27.17 Viewpoint 4 

Amanda Bowra

“Stick with people who are against hazing to empower one another.”

09.27.17 Viewpoint 5

Tony Nuccio
Professor of Sociology

“Use your judgement and don’t allow peer pressure to cause you to make mistakes for yourself; know your limitations.”

09.27.17 Viewpoint 6

Brian Rudden

“Communicate well with people, have productive conversations and watch what you say to others.”

09.27.17 Viewpoint 7

Dr. Abha Sood
Lecturer of English

“Perhaps find another method to invite and incorporate people into a group. Making someone uncomfortable to include them is only isolating them, not welcoming them.”