12.05.18 Viewpoint 5

Campus Viewpoint 12-05-18

Do you have any holiday traditions? If so, what is one you remember from growing up?

 12.05.18 Viewpoint 5

Emma O’Rourke


“I like going to Lincoln Center every holiday to see a symphony, play or opera.”


 12.05.18 Viewpoint 6

Joe Fantozzi


“I spend every Christmas Eve with my father’s side.”

 12.05.18 Viewpoint 7

Kim Fernandez


“My family and I always go visit the Christmas tree in New York and then we go out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.”

 12.05.18 Viewpoint 8

Artiom Efimenko


“One holiday tradition that my family has is called Paska. In Russian Orthodox, what we do is gather at church around midnight and we pray while the priest blesses our baskets full of food.”

 12.05.18 Viewpoint 9

Joseph Lipp

Adjunct Professor of History and Anthropology

“My wife, kids, and I take the day after Thanksgiving to go to a cut-you-own-tree farm.”