11.28.18 Viewpoint 5

Campus Viewpoint 11-28-18

What’s the best class you’ve ever taken at Monmouth?

 11.28.18 Viewpoint 5

Erica Barbara


“The best class thus far would have to be Media Literacy with Professor Messina. His teaching style and supplementary content were always so engaging.”


 11.28.18 Viewpoint 6

Nick Boice


“International Relations.”

 11.28.18 Viewpoint 7

Joey Signorile


“My favorite class was English 101 with Professor Belinksi. She was really wonderful and I really enjoyed her class!”

 11.28.18 Viewpoint 8

Mike Daniele


“Counter Cultures of American History.”

 11.28.18 Viewpoint 9

William Kamenel

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry and Physics

“Physics 101 ties with SC100. In Physics 101, I get to introduce students to the world of physics. In SC100, I get to introduce them to the worlds of chemistry, physics, and biology.”