10.03.18 Viewpoint 1

Moments at Monmouth 10-03-18

10.03.18 Viewpoint 1

Senior Amanda Smith celebrating Parents’ Weekend at the iconic Wilson Hall steps.

PHOTO TAKEN by Amanda Smith


 10.03.18 Viewpoint 2

Guard Trevon Gross Jr. going for the basket during men’s basketball practice in the Oceanfirst Bank Center.

PHOTO TAKEN by Karlee Sell

 10.03.18 Viewpoint 3

Members of the Student Government Association (SGA) open “The Nest”, an on-campus food pantry that fights against food insecurity in the campus and surrounding community.

PHOTO COURTESY of Student Government Association

 10.03.18 Viewpoint 4

Veterans Scott Tillander (left) and Chris Backus (right) visit the campus for a frontline paper, a community initiative focusing on veterans’ empowerment.

PHOTO TAKEN by Nicole Riddle