Eric Jessie Return To TV 1

Eric & Jessie Return to T.V.

They’re back! 

Four years ago, when the first episode of the E! original series, Eric & Jessie: Game On hit TV screens, viewers fell in love with the power couple that made them believe in real life fairy tales.

 Professional football player, Eric Decker and country singer-songwriter, Jessie James Decker have allowed fans to have a glimpse into their PDA filled relationship and seemingly perfect life.

This past Wednesday, fans were welcomed into back into the world of the Deckers for a new chapter in their lives, parenthood.

“I was so excited for Eric & Jessie to come back on TV! When I called Comcast to set up our cable this year, I actually told the person I was speaking to that it had to be set up before 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 6 so I could watch it,” said Taylor Klemm, a senior psychology major. 

Season three will follow the busy couple as they juggle their successful careers while raising their two children. Three-year-old Vivianne and 23-month-old Eric Jr., also known as Bubby are shaping their parent’s return to television to be a bit more censored and child-friendly when compared to previous seasons of the reality television show.

In fact, the couple’s hiatus from the E! network was due to the fact that they did not want their infant children in the public eye, and in my opinion that is indicative of the central theme of the show, which is the Decker family values. 

The opening scene of the premiere alluded to traditional values and the nuclear family in the modern age. Within the first five minutes of the show, the Deckers thanked God for their sloppy joe sandwiches and loving family. The proud parents then formally introduced their children and fans were finally given the sweet explanation as to why Eric Jr.’s nickname is Bubby. Supposedly, when Vivi was first introduced to her baby brother she referred to him as Bubby, and the nickname stuck. While baby Eric is described as a real guy’s guy, which is expected since his father is a professional athlete, Vivianne is described as a mirror image of her mother when she was a child. 

Eric Jessie Return To TV 2Not only has a lot changed for Eric and Jessie over the past four years, but also Jessie’s sister Sydney Rae Bass went from being envious of her big sister’s marriage and dating guys that she no interest in during the first season to finding the love of her life, and now expecting her first child.

During the first episode, audiences were apart of the sweet family moment when Sydney revealed the gender of her baby to her mother and sister with personalized t-shirts. 

The show did not only focus on the family aspect of the Decker’s lives but also their careers. Fans crossed their fingers alongside his supporting wife in hopes that Eric would be cleared by her husband’s doctors for football season after surgeries for his hip and shoulder injuries. The show revealed that the wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans will be back on the field this season after receiving the okay from his doctors.

As for Mrs. Decker, she is busy being a wife, mother, country singer, and clothing designer. During the show, we see Jess check on the latest designs for her clothing line, Kittenish. She claims that her vision for the brand is to sell clothing that she herself would wear. So, if any fans out there are trying to achieve Jessie James Decker’s look, be sure to check out the celebrity’s Kittenish line. 

The episode concluded with the famous couple’s romantic date night. While Eric and Jessie still appeared to be very much in love, there was clearly some tension when Eric mentioned that he would like Jessie to become a stay at home mom. The moment was very real and raw, viewers were able to genuinely witness the conversation between the couple and recognize that they are not “perfect.”

Eric and Jessie has always been praised for being a reality show that actually depicts the reality of the subject’s lives. Compared to Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Hills, Eric and Jessie’s show seems to have a more authentic quality to it. Although these two are extremely successful and wealthy, they are extremely down to Earth, which makes the content relatable to audiences. He might be a professional football player and she may be a country singer, but the problems they are challenged with are similar to those of the average person. While the sexual tension and inappropriate humor between the power couple are what originally had fans hooked on the pair, I think that season three will have audiences infatuated with the love they have for one another and their family. 

In a society, where half the marriages end in divorce, this show gives us all hope that love and marriage are not outdated concepts.

Both Eric and Jessie did not come from families that had any connection to what they wanted to do, but they worked hard towards their goals and achieved them.

Danielle Pochopin, a senior communication student said, “Eric and Jessie are proof that in life you can have love and success if you work hard for it.” If you’re interested in keeping up with the family that everyone is obsessing over, Eric and Jessie is on E! every Wednesday at 10 p.m.   


IMAGE TAKEN from Sounds Like Nashville