University President and Professors Take Stand Against Hatred and Bigotry

Dear students, friends and colleagues:

Our shared commitment to building a community of mutual caring and respect, diversity, and integrity does not stop when classes are finished, or take a pause before the new academic year begins.

The sad and shocking events in Charlottesville, Va., this past weekend are a stark reminder that our educational mission is vi-tal, and perhaps more important than ever, to extinguish bigotry and violence, and to affect positive change in the world.

As an academic enterprise based on exploration of diverse thought, we must balance freedom of expression with an active commitment to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for every individual, without exception.

As we prepare to come together on campus in just a few short weeks, I know you will join me in condemning hatred, bigotry, and violence in all forms as well as offering support to those who may be feeling vulnerable. I look forward to working with all of you to ensure a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming campus for all.


Grey J. Dimenna, Esq. President


Dear Monmouth University Students:

We, the professors of Monmouth, stand behind President Dimenna’s recent statement “condemning hatred, bigotry, and violence in all forms.”  Further, we pledge “our shared commitment to building a community of mutual caring and respect, diversity, and integ-rity.”

We look forward to teaching you, and are eager to learn from you.  We encourage open and respectful discussion.  Importantly, we are committed to maintaining learning spaces that are free from fear.  Harassment and violence will not be tolerated in our classrooms, or on our campus.   We are committed to creating a University where all individuals can learn.

We are here for you, and we support you.

Respectfully signed (alphabetically), …