International Education Week 2017

Second International Education Week Held

The University’s second International Education Week will be held from Nov. 13 to 17, presenting a variety of programming about the importance and benefits of learning abroad.

According to Jon Stauff, Vice Provost for Global Education, “International Education Week focuses on mobility – the movement of students from Monmouth abroad and our engagement with international students and their cultures from over 30 countries.”

“We highlight Monmouth’s work in international education, including study abroad, international student services, global service trips, and our campus commitment to the United Nations,” he added. “Our events all serve to share a core message with students in particular – you can do this!”

Programming for the week includes speakers sharing their own experiences abroad, informational panel presentations about things such as daily challenges faced by international students, educational entertainment events such as a fashion show and tea ceremony, and opportunities to learn more about study abroad, according to Stauff.

“We are doing a mix of events to cater to as much of our student audience as possible,” said Samantha Falvey, office coordinator for the international education department. “We choose events that will provide the opportunity for our campus to gain a global perspective, that will be engaging, and that come in many creative forms. We try to balance catering to Monmouth’s tastes with getting everyone to think out of the box.”

Specific events include an international fashion show at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14, a workshop on teaching, working, and interning abroad at 2:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15, and a ‘Passport Day’ at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16, where students can apply for or renew existing passports. The week will end with an “international potluck” at 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 17, featuring international cuisine made by University students.

“Our speakers are here to relay messages about what it’s like to be an American abroad, and get our students thinking about what it’d be like for them,” said Falvey. “Our cultural displays give our community a taste of how other people live, feel, and what they value. And, the international panel is a way for our students and staff to learn about how members of our community may experience day-to-day living here in a different way.”

According to Stauff, students, academic faculty, and University alumni are all involved throughout the week’s events.

“Our Monday afternoon speaker, Jenna Lally, might be the favorite event last year,” Stauff added. Last year, Lally, who studied abroad twice and graduated in 2017, gave a brief presentation about studying abroad during Student Scholarship Week.

“We want her to expand upon her eight-minute Hawk Talk to share some wisdom about the impact of study abroad upon students and how the experience helps prepare one for what comes next,” Stauff added. “Plus, Jenna’s presentation will focus squarely on the student perspective of international education.”

“I hope I was able to stress that study abroad is the gift that keeps on giving,” said Lally, who spoke on Monday, Nov. 13. “The people you meet, the foods you taste, and the culture you experience are forever engrained in your memory and once you go, you’ll be taking any trip that remedies your travel bug. It truly is contagious.

“The International Club and our Global Education Mentors have been really involved in these events,” added Falvey. “They are hosting events, working on getting the word out, and will be supporting staff at many of these sessions.”

Falvey also highlighted events run outside of the international groups, saying that faculty members involved in the University’s United Nations programs, as well as representatives from the social work and science departments, will be present as well.

“Our goal in hosting International Education Week is to bring Monmouth the opportunity to gain global perspectives,” said Falvey. “We achieve this goal by hosting events that engage our community’s openness and desire to broaden their understanding of the world.”

While this is only the second year that International Education Week has been hosted, Falvey says that it was well-received last year.

“We knew that we wanted to help [the week] grow for this year,” Falvey explained. “This year’s line-up is really great, and we are hoping to make an even bigger impact.”