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Students Share a Coke with Alpha Omicron Pi

The Iota Theta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi hosted their first ever “Share a Coke with Alpha O” event on Tuesday, Nov. 14 in Magill Commons.

Aiming as a way for girls interested in taking part in recruitment to meet one of the six social sororities on campus, the event was another opportunity to do just that for those who missed “Meet the Greeks” earlier in the semester or who wanted to get to know the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi on a more intimate level.

The event took place from 9 p.m. and ended around 11 p.m. and was a less intimidating way for girls interested in joining Greek Life to learn more about what Alpha Omicron Pi is all about. The sisters used their social media accounts to promote the event with pictures featuring personalized coke bottles. Nicole Ingraffia, senior and Vice President of Membership Recruitment, put together the event.

“I personally thought of the idea and at first it was hard to get my committee’s consensus because no other event like it has been done before but once we started a vision board everyone loved the idea. Getting the whole chapter on board with the social media blast with the coke bottles made everyone become even more in love with it,” Ingraffia said.

The event allowed girls who attended to meet sisters and also other peers who they did not know before. “’Share a Coke with Alpha O’ was an amazing experience that brought so many girls together. We got to meet so many great girls and were able to help them branch out from their friend groups with the help of pizza and Coca Cola! It was a night full of laughter and smiles that I would love to do again,” said Audrey Conforti, sophomore health studies student and sister of Alpha Omicron Pi.

Live Hartmann, a sophomore social work student who will be taking over Ingraffia’s position come the new year was pleased with how the event turned out. “We loved seeing everyone at our ‘Share a Coke with Alpha O’ event. Getting to meet new girls and become reacquainted with old ones was so fun and we cannot wait to see everyone again in the near future and hopefully at recruitment,” she said.

Alex Stucy, Alpha Omicron Pi’s Ritual Advisor, was also happy with the turnout. “Attending ‘Share a Coke with Alpha O’ was an awesome experience. I graduated Monmouth and became an alumna of Alpha Omicron Pi two years ago, so I was able to see how far the chapter has come since then. The sisters were wonderful hosts for all of the women who came to enjoy pizza and personalized Coca Cola bottles and get to know all of the sisters.”

Hartmann continued, “It was definitely a beneficial event for all of our sisters, and we hope the girls interested in Greek Life feel the same way. We hope to have this event in the future and hopefully make it a tradition due to its success and how enjoyable it was for all involved.”

PHOTO COURTESY of Alpha Omicron Pi Instagram