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Endless Possibilities of Travel Destinations

Italy, Britain, France, Germany, Austria: the possibilities of travel destinations are endless. When picking somewhere to travel, one may think that planning a vacation or trip is a lot of work. Sure it can be exhausting, but once it is all planned out, enjoyment of your trip can actually begin.

When you arrive at a certain place, the possibilities of activities are truly endless. The food, the sightseeing, and the people you travel with will make your trip complete. If you do not like the idea of getting on a plane, a road trip to anywhere would be just as great of a trip. A nearby state, or just an hour or two away to somewhere you’ve never been still counts.

Wherever the interest comes from, the trip should be something that will be remembered. Deciding on where you go truly depends on personal preferences. Temperature is one of the biggest decisions of a trip and how you map out your time there. One can either be pulled to the warm weather days of Mexico or the chilly mornings of Canada.

Personally, I prefer the heat of tropical islands and other warm places before the cold. I like to make the best of my trips and try to do things that will be memorable to me.

Every trip I go on my goal is to try something new; either food or activities. I find the most fun branching out with excitement and curiosity in my heart. By the places I’ve traveled to you can obviously see that. Some of my favorite destinations I’ve traveled to are Spain, California, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. Because these are my top four travel destinations, I will always suggest them to someone who is looking to travel.

With all of those destinations, I have managed to stick to what I want as well as trying something new. I went hiking to natural pools in Spain, saw new sights in California, swam with dolphins and seals in the Bahamas, and ventured to local hotspots in the Dominican Republic.

There are also places that I have always dreamed of traveling to. My top three places I want to experience are Greece, Australia, and Dubai.

Monmouth offers an incredible study abroad program with destinations such as Australia, England, Italy, and Spain. Students may go for the duration of a whole semester, or just for a month during the summer program. Monmouth makes it easy by sending you with other Monmouth students which can ease the transition. The Monmouth study abroad program also provides living situations so you do not have to stress over locations.

The program also makes it easy by not raising our tuition for being abroad. It is the same as an on campus student. Plus, the study abroad office keeps up with you and does not ever let you feel like you have been forgotten. The office communicates with students and keeps them updated with on-campus happenings. This office is also available to help students and their family with any questions or concerns that may arise at any time during the semester.

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to get your credits while being in a new environment to explore and create memories with students and locals alike.

With any trip, you should do the research for each destination, and try to plan out your time wisely. Spend one or two days with tourist attractions and other days doing things out of the ordinary. This way you get the full experience of vising a place and not just the main attractions. I find it more like going to New York, where the most popular tourist attraction is Times Square.

Having seen Times Square dozens of times and having little to no patience when it comes to the overly crowded areas, I now prefer to venture out to smaller and less crowded parts of the city. There, you can still find amazing and interesting, different foods and attractions that most individuals would not think to look for.

No matter where your next destination is, look for something you have never done before in a new location; it will absolutely make your time more exciting and memorable.

PHOTO TAKEN by Brett O’Grady