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Hang Ten with MU’s Surf Club

Surfs up! That’s what students at Monmouth University are saying as they leave their classes for the day and head to the shore to ride some waves. Located only one mile from some of the sandy beaches New Jersey has to offer, surfing has long been a tradition since Monmouth University was founded.

In 2014, the Surf Club and the Surf Team were officially established. The Surf Club is open to any student who shares the passion of surfing or who may also wish to learn how to surf without paying any fee. The Surf Team consists of students who demonstrate excellent skills out on the water and go to competitions. According to, Monmouth University was rated number ten as one of the “Best Surf Colleges” in the United States. The article argues that the Monmouth is the best university to attend if someone is looking for a Northeast school with the opportunity to surf daily.

Specialist professor of communication Matthew Harmon and faculty advisor of the club, said, “I think it’s fantastic especially when you consider all the schools that could be in the top ten. Being situated right on the Atlantic Ocean is such a great advantage. I would think it is a draw for those that want to go to school and still be able surf. That might sound like a crazy reason to pick a school but surfing and the water is a lifestyle.”

Josh Spicer, a freshman computer science student and treasurer of the Surf Club, expressed his joy of the great news.

“I am super stoked that we got ranked in the top ten surf colleges in the country. We have super fun surf here year round, if you are brave enough to bear the cold winter waters. It’s a fantastic school with a short drive right to some good surf spots,” said Spicer.

Since the club was first introduced to campus, there has been an increased coastal vibe on campus that the student body has come to embrace. Nicole Gallagher, a senior psychology student said, “As a senior, I have realized the positive atmosphere that the surf team has created at Monmouth and how they have put the university on the map.”

Not only has the team been recognized for catching some gnarly waves, but they crafted original videos for the Red Bull Bracket Reel Competition, and earned second place. With thousands of views on YouTube, the faces of the surf team have earned them the top 10 spot on the best surf college list.

In the pursuit of your college degree, take a break and grab your board, zip up your wetsuit, and join in on all the fun of one of the best surf clubs on the East Coast. If you’re interested in learning more about surf club, email club president Billy Martin at

IMAGE TAKEN from Monmouth Surf Club Facebook Page