Spring Semester SAB
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Spring Into This Semester with SAB

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is dedicated to creating events that enrich the college experience and encourage on campus involvement. Through membership or attending the club’s events, students have the opportunity to mingle and enjoy free programming that features exciting activities and freebies.

Crystalyn Espinal, the Assistant Director of Student Activities, believes that it is important for students to take advantage of SAB’s programming to get the full college experience.

“Students should attend the SAB events or even become involved with the club because both ways offer an opportunity to be a part of something fun, make friends, and just get away from the pressures of school and studying,” said Espinal.

This semester the club has been working to bring unique and exciting events to campus as seen through some of the club’s past and future events. Winter Wonderland was held in Wilson Hall from 7 to 10 p.m. There was an iceless ice skating rink, stuff n’ fluff penguins with SAB shirts, snow globe making, hot chocolate, and snacks.

Psychic Night took place this past Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m. There were four psychics to tell you what your future holds. Emily Marsh, a junior business administration student and SAB e-board member who organized the event said, “I’ve been wanting to bring an event like this to campus for a while and it was really cool to see the student body so excited for it and attend it.”

The Do-nut Stress will include a station to decorate your own donuts with different icings and toppings. There will be free coffee as well as four coffee caricature artists that will draw a portrait of you out of the coffee. Lastly, there will be do-it-yourself coffee tumblers for you to create all on your own to take home. If you’re stressed and need donuts in your life, you “donut” want to miss out on this event.

SAB plans events to relieve the stress of deadlines, exams, and all-nighters for college students to help them express themselves through university-sponsored events and trips. The following events are planned for this semester: The Martin Luther King Co-Sponsorship, Do-nut Stress, Monmouth Arcade, Around the World cultural event, Devils Game, Coffeehouse Concert, and New York City trip. Once the temperature starts to rise on the East coast, SAB will be hosting a concert on the quad, beach clean-ups, Earth Day festivities, and Wipeout. There will also be several events dedicated to raising awareness for disabilities and charities on campus.

The organization hosts events that cater to every individual’s interests. “Each event is ‘big’ in their own way and offers something different to students. They have trips, concerts, comedy, game, awareness/community service, and other types of events planned…I would say just stop by them all,” said Crystalyn Espinal.

Not only does SAB offer exceptional experiences for current students but members are able to gain valuable skills for their future career endeavors through the possible leadership positions. Amber Galati, a sophomore accounting student and e-board member said, “SAB is a club that gives you so many opportunities to grow as a person. Being a general member last year, I was able to get a glimpse of how events run on campus. Now being the Comedy Chair and the Travel and Tour Chair, I get first-hand experience on planning events for the student body.”

Galati continued, “Being on e-board enables me to network with other clubs to bring bigger and better events to campus. SAB has a hand in many of the events here and it is touching to leave my footprint on this campus with the events I have and will put on in the future. Just after a year and a half on being in SAB I have grown out of my shell and have really found my niche here at Monmouth.”

SAB offers endless opportunities for students to make memories and connections during their time here at Monmouth. If you are interested in getting involved there are general members each week at 3 p.m. on the third floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. Also, make sure you pick up an event calendar to stay up-to-date on all the university happenings this spring!

PHOTO TAKEN by Amber Galati