Kylie Wins Super Bowl1

Kylie Jenner Wins the Super Bowl: Confirms Pregnancy Rumors with Birth Announcement

Kylie Wins Super Bowl1After nine long months out of the spotlight, Kylie Jenner, 20, reveals the reason why she was missing-in-action from the public eye and social media.

She went from sharing every detail of her life and body to leaving her posts infrequent and vague.

Little did we know, Jenner was preparing for the “role of a lifetime” of being called “Mom”

Her healthy daughter was born on Feb. 1, at 4:43 p.m.

She broke the news first with an Instagram post which, in summary, states that she was sorry for not including her fans in this journey with her and not addressing the speculation and rumors upfront.

Jenner then said that she knew she had to deal with this situation the “only way she knew how;” which, ultimately, was by being out of public view because it could cause both her and the baby stress.

Her full post can be found at the bottom of this column along with a photo of her during her pregnancy.

Jenner “officially” confirmed the news Feb. 4. This also was the date of Super Bowl Sunday, one of entertainment’s biggest nights, that her and her almost year long boyfriend and rapper Travis Scott had welcomed a “beautiful” baby girl into the world.

An ironic time to debut such major news, but you know what they say, the Devil works hard, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan works harder.

Before the big announcement, there were countless theories and speculations by fans, entertainment outlets, magazines, and tabloids.

Was Kylie the surrogate mother of half-sister Kim Kardashion’s newborn baby girl, Chicago?

Was this just a scheme plotted by Kris Jenner to rack up ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Finally, all the hype has been put to rest and has been cleared up.

Now that the news of all news broke, we can finally get back on our normal sleeping schedules. Well, besides Kylie, who will be adjusting to her motherhood sleeping schedule.

Except now, everyone is going to have a whole lot less to gossip about–especially because Kylie is beating the tabloids at their own game: Publishing all the gossip herself.

The last question left on everyone and their mother’s mind was: What crazy name is this baby going to have?

Stormi. The answer is Stormi. With cousins North, Saint, Chicago, Reign, and Dream; and boy, my head hurts trying to remember all these tongue twister names, the Kar-Jenner family is notorious for unorthodox baby names.

Tori Collins, a junior business student, joked upon hearing the news of the baby’s name with a pun, “Its’ going to be Stormi, with a chance of Reign, in the north of Chicago.”

Clever, Tori, very clever.

In all seriousness, Kylie deserves a pat on the back for making such a mature decision to not disclose her pregnancy at such a vulnerable age and time in her life. She single-handedly proved, despite growing up in the limelight, you can keep a private life and leave intimate moments within a selected few.

Speaking of a selected few, where did Kylie find such loyal friends? Jordyn Woods, 20, model and best friend of Kylie, was featured in a YouTube video that Jenner posted on her account titled, “To Our Daughter,” which showcased an 11 minute glimpse inside her pregnancy and supportive words from friends and family.

Woods said in the video, “When you’re 20 years old, you’re figuring out your life. You don’t know what you want. You’re an indecisive teenager becoming an adult”

Woods paused, then continued.

“But there was one thing your mom knew for sure. And that was you.” She said to the camera as if she was speaking to an older Stormi.

Valeria Siragusa, a senior health studies student, admires the “devotion Jenner’s friends possessed to keeping such a groundbreaking secret and doing so successfully.”

A downside that comes with this beautiful news Kylie shared with us is the fear that she has indirectly glamorized young pregnancy.

According to the website,, in 2017, it was stated that teen birth rates had plummeted to a record breaking, all-time low; It is going to be interesting to see if 2018’s statistics will be affected by Kylie’s bundle of joy. Perhaps taking the path of privacy will not be a factor in teen pregnancy rates.

IMAGE TAKEN from Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

IMAGE TAKEN from Kylie Jenner’s Youtube