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Students “Do-Nut Stress” with SAB

The Student Activities Board (SAB) held its donut-inspired event, “Do-Nut Stress,” on Friday, Feb. 9 in Hesse Hall. The event began at 7 p.m. and ended at approximately 10 p.m.

Crystalyn Espinal, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Advisor for SAB, was pleased that this event was so well attended because it was something that Monmouth University has never seen before.

“‘Do-Nut Stress’ was a new event brought to Monmouth this semester,” said Espinal. “Students made comments throughout the night about how creative the event was and took the time to enjoy every attraction,” she continued.

Throughout the week leading up to the event, members of the executive board gave out free donut-shaped stress balls and coffee as a promotion. A window painting on the Rebecca Stafford Student Center and social media posts were also used as ways to get the word out.

Set up for the event began at 5:30 p.m. The lobby of Hesse Hall was transformed into donut heaven. From donut garland, donut streamers, donut balloons and donut party cups and plates, this was the perfect event for a real donut lover.

Students were able to de-stress by enjoying delicious hot donuts from Broad Street Dough Co. and Dunkin Donuts that they could decorate on their own. There were a variety donut options to choose from including plain, blueberry, apple cider, and vegan. Toppings like chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles along with Nutella or caramel sauce made for the perfect donut.

“I was so excited to walk downstairs to see a D.I.Y donut bar from my two favorite places!” said Taylor Smith, a junior Marketing student and resident of Hesse Hall.

“The location for this event was absolutely perfect because residents like me could just grab a donut and cool craft without leaving the building,” she continued.

If a student wanted to save their donut for later, they could do so with a cute donut themed to-go box. There was also free hot coffee and iced coffee provided to have with your donut creation or to just enjoy the beverage.

The vendor, Horizon Entertainment, arrived with four coffee caricature artists at around 6:30 p.m. These artists took a different approach to caricatures and could paint you using only coffee beans.

Kendall Lotosky, the SAB Awareness Chair, thought that the coffee caricatures were so unique.

“I have never heard of using coffee art like this before until Tianna brought it to campus. It was so great to see the student body so happy and telling Tianna how she planned the best event on campus,” said the junior social work student.

Along with the sweet treats and the caricatures, students could also decorate their own coffee tumbler or Mason jar with glitter, flowers, stickers, gems and so much more.

Brittany Bennett, a junior English and education student and Concerts Chair for SAB, enjoyed using all of the glitters she could find to make beautiful coffee tumblers for herself and for her friends.

“This was a great addition to the event because I am constantly using coffee tumblers and I loved that I could personalize it,” said Bennett.

Senior and Novelties chair, Tianna Fougeray, planned her dream donut event on her own and was overjoyed about the compliments and support that she received from students and friends.

“This event was well executed by our Novelties Chair and its success was shown through the incredible attendance of students loving every moment of it,” said Lindsay Smith, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Advisor for SAB.

Be on the lookout for more awesome upcoming events that SAB has planned for the spring semester!

PHOTO TAKEN by Tianna Fougeray