Hedy Lamarr Story

The Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

On your way to class, it’s bound to have happened a few times. You’re just walking and minding your own business, then suddenly it’s like lightning strikes.

The most beautiful person you’ve seen is walking to your left and he or she makes your heart skip a beat. If you stare at the person for too long, you might bump into someone in front of you so it’s best to keep your cool.

After that split second when your world froze, you spend the rest of your day thinking about him or her. You don’t think about the individual’s personal life or how many hours they spend binge watching Seinfeld.

It’s the person’s looks you’ll never forget and hope to see again.

The same could be said about Hedy Lamarr, a famous actress throughout the 1930s and 50s. Lamarr was a fine actress, but mostly known for her gorgeous looks.

The actress stole the hearts of the world with her perfect bone structure, dark brown hair parted to the sides exposing her forehead, tantalizing blue eyes, firm lips and a slim figure.

But behind these dazzling features was a brilliant woman who hid her best quality: intelligence.

Director Alexandra Dean’s documentary wonderfully tells the timely story of Lamarr that’s been ignored by Hollywood for years through intimate interviews with the actress’ children, celebrities, film historians and biographers.

In an interview with comedic legend Mel Brooks, he captures the essence of how little we know about Lamarr’s story. Brooks says, “She was the best looking woman who ever lived,” and later adds something along the lines of, “is it true she made a bomb or something?!”

With this mindset, the life of Lamarr is bound to blow you away.

A Jewish native from Austria, she escaped her home country to pursue a career in the film industry with the “help” of Louis B. Mayer of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios or widely known as MGM.

Although Lamarr tried to be a serious actress, Hollywood only appreciated her for her attractiveness.

It seems as though Lamarr was in the wrong industry, because in her leisure she would create incredible inventions.

Ahead of her time, Lamarr was a feminist who attempted to change the status-quo in Hollywood by sitting in the producer’s chair for some projects, which was rare.

If Lamarr lived in today’s world, it’s possible that she could’ve reached her fullest potential to become a scientist with better opportunities available for women.

However, the Hollywood that Lamarr was a member of was seventy years ago, and still, it hasn’t changed too much.

The industry is still a cesspool where men belittle women in the workplace through sexual assault. Luckily, the Time’s Up movement is taking the industry by storm and holding people accountable.

In today’s world where individuals are finally exposed for their wrongdoings, Lamarr would be proud.

Just as heartbreaking as Hollywood’s lack of progression over the decades, it’s upsetting to see the pain Lamarr dealt with through six husbands, public controversies, drug abuse, plastic surgery and homesickness.

To think the woman who boasted a sparkling smile on big screens around the world was an untameable soul that nobody could understand.

Lamarr’s story shows how we shouldn’t make assumptions on others based on their looks.

When Hollywood sucked Lamarr into the drug-fueled horse race of a work environment for her beauty, they broke a woman who could’ve made innovations and discoveries in science.

There’s more to a person than their facade. The actress says it best with, “Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.”

The next time you see that gorgeous person walking to class, make the most of that three second window. But remember there’s more than meets the eye.