Gender in the Media

When it comes to creating good storylines for movies or TV, walking the runway, modeling for magazines, or even being in the spotlight for the world to see, gender can be a very controversial thing to cover. It was said in the old days that there was a binary to gender, male or female. With […]


The Percy Jackson Disney+ Show

For fans of mythology and magic, who also love the idea of these elements existing today in the real world, Disney+ brings a reimagining of a story that has been read by many over the years. As of today, the full season of Disney’s new show, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” based on a book […]


DC vs. Marvel

In the world of pop culture and comic book adoration, many fans find themselves enthralled with the world of superheroes- their origins, their exploits, and the adventures they endure. Out of the vast world of superheroes, and the large collections of comics that have been published over the years, two major companies lead the front […]