DC vs. Marvel

In the world of pop culture and comic book adoration, many fans find themselves enthralled with the world of superheroes- their origins, their exploits, and the adventures they endure.

Out of the vast world of superheroes, and the large collections of comics that have been published over the years, two major companies lead the front with being the placeholders of the superhero fan community: Marvel and DC. Both have had their start in the comic book industry in the 1940s. Moreover, they both have felt the weight of government regulations regarding the content they make and the effect they have had on young kids’ minds.

Over the years, these two household names have been interlocked in a cold war, battling for the favor of comic book and superhero fans. Their heroes interconnect with one another, they advance their parameters through cosmic forces and interdimensional travel, and their heroes and villains acquire powers through science or magic, but one question still rings through my mind: Marvel or DC?

Both have achieved success in the box office, made blockbuster movies and television programs—both animated and real-life—as well as created merchandise and collectibles, like toys and clothing apparel. Fans of all ages like a combination of heroes from both sides, but there are those that have more of an affinity to one brand exclusively, myself included. Growing up, I have found myself more affiliated with the Marvel superheroes, such as Captain America and Spider-Man, but sometime after, I would find myself watching and reading content that would belong to DC.

One student said that he is “not much of a superhero guy” but likes the one that includes Harley Quinn, so in summary, he is a Batman fan. Or does he say that simply because of the actress who plays her in the movies? Another student says he prefers DC because, “It feels better,” like they have a gut feeling that the story-driven narratives of heroes like Superman and the Flash have more influence than Marvel.

While it is true that the works of heroes belonging to DC have more gut-wrenching stories riddled with tragic origins, their characters are limited regarding the praise and joy that Marvel gives to its fans. These movies I fell in love with, not just for the actor’s portrayals of these loved characters and the amazing graphics or special effects to simulate the awesome powers and skills these heroes have, but also the interconnected storylines across the films. These heroes have their own solo adventures, but there are moments where these characters come together and fight off a villain who wants to destroy their way of life. These movies have broken box office records, and the fans cannot get enough of them, including myself—I put the dates for the release of these movies in my phone calendar so I know when to go to the movies to see the latest Marvel movie.

To be fair, everyone is entitled to their opinion, the same way people might say to me that Spider-Man is not that great of a superhero. Even though that yanks my heartstrings in a tender way, I don’t escalate myself any further. My opinion on the matter of these two companies is that they both have succeeded in producing great heroes and tremendous stories that fans of all ages love and admire, but when it comes to becoming a household name, Marvel has done more than DC. This is especially true with young children, because I have seen more Spider-Man clothing and merch on young children than Batman or Superman. Even Deadpool is appealing to young kids, and his movie is rated R! To put it simply, Marvel knows how to sell, while DC is stuck in the dark, like Batman in the Batcave.