Five Best Bands

Five of the Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

Unfortunately, many brilliant bands get buried by the success of mainstream artists. Here are five obscure bands that deserve to be in the modern music spotlight.

5. Bad Suns– This four-piece is made up of Christo Bowman (lead vocals), Ray Libby (guitar), Gavin Bennett (bass), and Miles Morris (drums).

The band’s sound can be described as a pleasant blend of indie pop, rock, and eighties new wave. Bowman’s memorable, passionate voice evokes raw emotion with every lyric, particularly in the song “We Move Like the Ocean.”

The new wave guitar, synth, and bass style continues throughout their two albums, most prominently featured in “Daft Pretty Boys” and “Salt.”

The band slows down their usual tempo with the song “Maybe We’re Meant to Be Alone,” which features an electric guitar fingerstyle and a soft drum beat.

Overall, Bad Suns’ powerful vocals and instrumentals are evidence that they truly know how to make good music. Not many musicians excel at blending the eighties sound into modern music, which is why Bad Suns is definitely a band to check out.

4. Hippo Campus– Jake Luppen (vocals, guitar), Nathan Stocker (guitar), Zach Sutton (bass), and Whistler Allen (drums) of Hippo Campus bring a whole new feel to indie rock music.

With every member introduced to music at a young age, their passion for music spills out of their lyrics and melodies. The catchy riff in “Violet” will hook you right from the first note, while “South” is the type of song to have on repeat when driving on a road trip.

Their mellow sound, especially when complemented with their music videos, has the power to make you feel a confusing yet pleasant mixture of delight and nostalgia.

With their songs having a therapeutic touch, they follow relatable themes like growing up and managing relationships. This band is a hidden treasure guaranteed to make you fall in love at first listen.

3. 18th & Addison– Tom Kunzman and Kait DiBenedetto are a punk rock duo who originated right here in New Jersey.

Their sound has a resemblance to bands like We the Kings and New Found Glory, though they bring their own style into the eternal punk rock genre, especially by featuring both male and female vocals.

The powerful guitar riffs, dynamic drum beats, and sonorous basslines bring their loud, fierce lyrics alive. Their songs “Like Porcelain,” “Jealousy,” and “Knives” stand out from the rest of their discography and highlight the true talent of the duo.

18th & Addison excel at preserving the beloved punk genre from the 2000s and deserve to be a household name along with bands like Green Day and Blink-182.

2. DREAMERS– This alternative rock trio, consisting of Nick Wold (vocals, guitar), Marc Nelson (bass), and Jacob Lee Wick (drums), takes the number two spot.

Their main single “Sweet Disaster” already draws you in with its oxymoron of a title, and then blows you away with its catchy opening guitar riff.

Following the riff comes the drums and bass, creating a vibrant mixture of sound that seems as if the band is playing live on the other side of the speakers.

With references to iconic bands like The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, and Talking Heads, this song brings the classic sound from the golden era of rock and roll into modern times.

The band’s rock and roll essence continues throughout their debut album, creatively titled This Album Does Not Exist. The album, which sounds heavily inspired by Weezer, is evidence that the group knows how to create remarkable rock music.

There is no doubt that this trio deserves to be in the mainstream spotlight alongside poplar rock bands such as Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy.

1. Saint Motel– Saint Motel’s fresh sound, which includes splashes of trumpet, piano, saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums, places the band at the number one spot.

Consisting of lead vocalist and keyboardist A/J Jackson, lead guitarist Aaron Sharp, bassist Dak Lerdamornpong, and drummer Greg Erwin, this group of genius musicians and songwriters outshine any other artists in their genre. Their indie pop sound, mostly consisting of unique piano melodies, is guaranteed to lift your mood and leave you craving more.

The group isn’t new to the music scene, forming in 2007 and having released four EPs and two albums. The band’s famous combination of trumpet and piano is epitomized in the songs “Puzzle Pieces” and “Cold Cold Man.”

This piano-trumpet duet continues into slower songs as well, such as “1997,” which brings the same joyous sound into a morose song. While mostly embracing the indie pop genre, the band introduces a rock and roll feel with their guitar-filled first EP, titled ForPlay.

The band’s impeccable songwriting features a plethora of metaphors and personification that brings the lyrics to life, making Saint Motel one of the best lyricists you’ll ever listen to.