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President Dimenna Featured on New Blue Hawk Records Album

University President Grey Dimenna, Esq., will be featured on upcoming Blue Hawk Records album, After Midnight, produced by the Applied Music Industry II Class, which is scheduled for release on April 18. 

Recorded with Dimenna on guitar at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, despite minor set-backs due to the multiple snow storms, the cover song is a collaboration with Monmouth University faculty, and members of the Music Industry program. 

Dimenna, a budding guitar player, said he was thrilled to be included in the project. “Blue Hawk Records is one of the coolest student activities. I have several of the CDs they have released and am always amazed at the quality of the music and the professionalism of the production.,” Dimenna said. 

The album, which marks the 12th release for Blue Hawk Records, includes the first cover version of a song in the history of the student-run record label, J.J. Cale’s After Midnight. The song, which became a breakthrough hit for Eric Clapton in 1970, is also the name of the spring album. Dimenna said that he was extremely honored that students asked him to play on the title track. 

Joe Rapolla, Chair of the Music and Arts Department, said that Dimenna’s involvement with the project exemplified the core values of a Monmouth University education. “Our students always hear about our commitment to a personalized education experience. Having President Dimenna contribute to the record is a terrific example of our commitment in action,” Rapolla said. “Our chief executive was learning right alongside our students in one of the most legendary centers of music in America.”

In the weeks prior to the recording session, two members of the Applied Music Industry class, senior Antonio Gonzales and junior Zack Sandler, helped Dimenna prepare for the session. 

“President Dimenna has a great passion for music and learning how to play the guitar. What other University President do you know that does a photoshoot on his motorcycle wearing a leather jacket?” said Sandler, who participated in the recording session.

“After we finished each guitar lesson, President Dimenna would go home and practice his parts. He even took his guitar on the road when traveling with the school’s basketball team so that he could perfect his part,” Sandler continued.

The class is in the final stages of preparing for the release of the album, which includes five original songs; “Hold on Close” by Brianna Scangarello, “P. T. L” by FRANCESCA, “Live it Up” by Brad Kraft, “Give Up” by Wynward, “All on U” by Shadiyah Jai and Carlos Forde, along with the cover of “After Midnight.” 

In celebration of the release, there will be a preview listening session on April 11, hosted at The Outpost in Asbury Park, starting at 7:00 p.m. Attendees will get an exclusive first access to the album, along with live acoustic performances from some of the featured artists.

The formal release show is scheduled for April 18, starting at 2:45 p.m., on the University’s Residential Quad.

PHOTO COURTESY of Anthony DePrimo