Fashion Fall Season

Dress Up Your Life: Fashion for the Fall Season

Leather jackets, combat boots, ripped jeans: the quintessential “rocker” outfit. And the best thing about this apparel? It emerges in the fall, amongst the changing leaves and the dropping temperatures.

Even though the heat has been staying with us during the first few weeks of this semester, it won’t be long before the coolness of autumn sneaks in.

Walking around campus like you’re on a catwalk has never been easier than it is in the fall. Aside from the sleek look of leather in the autumn daylight, the comfort and style of denim jackets never fail to fulfill our fashion needs. They match everything, and they never go out of style.

Sophomore communication student, Cristian Tiberi, shared his go-to fall outfit. He said, “I love to wear denim vests with a long-sleeved shirt or an Old Navy Sweater.”

Not to mention, denim vests and jackets offer a dash of sophistication, as you make your way from class to class, getting ready to take on the world.

Not into leather or denim? Don’t fret– there’s a pattern for everyone! Spice up your look with a classy camouflage jacket. Or turn to plaid, one of the most versatile styles.

A flannel shirt can be worn tucked in with rolled-up sleeves, or long and unbuttoned with a simple t-shirt underneath.

Of course, the choice of style depends on the weather. On cooler autumn days, you’d opt for a style that would keep you warm, whereas on days that still feel a bit like summer, you may choose to sport plaid around your waist.

As college students, we do have the tendency to slip into the common deadly sin of sloth-mode. We can all relate to sleeping through our alarm and rushing to get to our 8:30 class.

Tiberi adds, “I wear jeans all the time, and if I’m a little lazier, I go with the sweatshirt for those 8:30 days. I try to mix the laziness with the fashion at the same time.” On those cold, early days, wearing a simple cozy sweatshirt can still show off your style.

Kimberly Hanna, a sophomore business administration student, said, “You just have to bring a lot of leggings, and as many sweaters as you can. Get a lot of sweatshirts, because if you have an 8:30, you’re just going to want to put on a sweatshirt, leggings, and go.”

Sweatshirts aren’t the only comfy article of clothing to wear when you just want to get up and go to class. Cardigans are perfect for the fall season, when the heat dies down, but the frigidness hasn’t quite met us yet.

Accessorize with a hat to spice up your fall outfit, whether it’s a beanie or an embroidered cap. They also come in handy for those inevitable bad hair days.

While considering the best outfit to wear for the fall, many tend to underestimate the influence art can have on fashion.

“Fashion is a very visual field,” said Corey Dzenko, Ph.D., an assistant professor of art and design. “A lot of decisions an artist would make in another medium, fashion designers would make the same kinds of decisions, thinking about the combinations of colors, textures, and patterns.”

In fact, a former student of hers began to look at fashion in a whole new light while taking her art class.

She said, “[The student] came into class, and we were analyzing a lot of art. She said that that morning, she was standing in front of her closet and was looking at her clothes in a completely different way. She was thinking about the different combinations she made and why she made them.”

Dzenko continued, “Once she had studied art, she understood why one piece of clothing would pair with another piece and not a third.”

Fashion really is the most prominent aspect of visual art, because we wear and see fashion every day of our lives. Everything we wear portrays our individuality, and the upcoming fall season is the perfect opportunity to grow a new appreciation for fashion.

PHOTO TAKEN by Jenna Puglisi